Social Media shut down?

Real life question…

Last week someone attempted to access my Facebook/IG account. The additional authentications locked my accounts from the unfamiliar log in attempt, initiating validation on my part. UGH!

This experience really got me to thinking.

What if Facebook just shut everything down?

Like wow, no more blue app.

Serious question folks.

According to, there are roughly 2.85 Billion Facebook accounts. Whether these accounts are all real is not my concern for this post.

If 2.85 billion accounts all of a sudden just disappeared, can you imagine the mayhem that’s going to come along with that?

Something to think about right?

Seeing content from friends, family, messages of encouragement from other coaches and mentors, and those who value my feedback is an amazing resource.

Its a joy getting messages from those who are inspired and am blessed with a platform created for positive empowerment and growth.

The dependency is where my concern lies.

If my account had been hacked, that means everything on that platform would just be lost.

Then what?

We have become dependent as hell on social media. You see everyday people complaining and fussing about changes, updates, restrictions and other peoples BUSINESS, yet falling short on their own shit.

We cant seem to get away from it. Its a drug of dependency.

Sadly, we don’t seem to want to get away from it either.

It is time to put in new policy. Break away from the dependency of the constant scroll, negative comments and bad energy!

Losing access to any social media account, whether business or personal, can be detrimental to personal or business brand.

With that being said, be sure you are keeping records OUTSIDE of the tech world. Also make sure to create alternative methods of entertainment. I enjoy my phone and laptop just as much as the next. But I’ll never forget the “Old School” method of protecting my personal content and platform.

PROTECT You and your Brand.

Empowering Real Talk is The Blog, The Podcast and YouTube channel. I’ve added another layer of security to all my accounts to protect my brand to the best of my ability.

If you use social media regularly, or any platforms for that matter, its highly recommended that you take action to protect your media, accounts and brand.

Take the time out to ensure security features are up to date.

As far as the dependency, that’s a whole different conversation. But I’m ready to have it…..stay tuned.


Let us know what you think!