World Mental Health Day….

It wasn’t that long ago when I didn’t look at mental health as any type of priority.

It’s my #1 priority now.

Mental Health is NOT a definition of crazy, contrary to what some folks in society try and make you believe.

I carried that mindset within for a long time, holding back my own growth all due to being fearful of coming face to face with struggle. So I just surpressed like I had been programmed in my mind to believe was the correct thing to do.

That way of thinking almost cracked me in half.

Years of holding shit in about my life situations, taking on others problems, and prioritizing everything and every one BUT ME had come to a super head and I had to decide….

Is my journey necessary?

My struggle was being afraid of getting support because it would have made me vulnerable and look like I was “Unable to handle it”. I had adopted the stigma of looking strong when I wasn’t, hurting inside from all the craziness in my life.

Restricting my own elevation.

The night of breakthrough was in 2019.

And my journey has been non stop positive growth every since.

I have adopted methods of transformation that have given me clarity, peace and abundance! Not to mention better relationships, removing negative setbacks and truly creating the life I really desire.

Mental Health is your day to day life. Incorporate steps into building a healthy relationship with yourself! Creating your life of peace and clarity will attract the same right to you.

Be open to recieve your growth and healing. You matter first….

Let me know in the comments if you have suppressed emotions, growth or are fearful of opening up about it.


Let us know what you think!