Break free…

Some wonder why they can’t seem to shake that negative feeling. Asking themselves ‘why’ every day.

My response?

You haven’t accepted everything for what it is. You are still holding on to something no longer serving you and your elevation is stalling because of it.

We are so used to “turning a blind eye” to things we know good and well are hurting us. Unfortunately, that is a primary stagnating reason.

Transformation is mandatory. There is no half assed changing, people. You have the complete power over your life but keep making half decisions.

You are in your own way.

Get accountable. Break down your “lessons” and analyze what needs to go! If something or someone is negatively affecting you then it needs to be logically evaluated and ejected if need be.

You owe it to yourself to create the best life possible, so let’s work on eliminating all things that counter that.

Your mind is depending on you.

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2 thoughts on “Break free…

  1. Aw yis. We can’t control what happens to use, but we can definitely control what actions we take after that. The longer we spend questioning what happened, the slower we arrive at the lesson. Thanks for this post!

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