Success is UPM…

Yesterday I celebrated the one year anniversary of UPM Suites.

What is UPM? We are three women of color with individual businesses,  who came together, put us under one roof to offer inclusive services to our community and beyond.

As a Mindset coach for WOC at Upgraded MindSetz, I offer coaching and mentoring services for those starting small business. In order to stay consistent in your growth on all levels, we must make sure the mind is focused on growth and not setback. I am the positive reinforcement behind our clients and they love it.

My business partner, PASSIE, is our Design and Print go to. She handles our clients print needs, sublimation, vinyl, labels and so much more.

My other business partner Mooie, is a  fashion stylist with her brand, but also the paperwork guru here at UPM. She handles all of the things such as LLC, Trademark, compliance, etc, to keep your entrepreneurial ship going for our clients long term dreams.

We created this vision of unity in July of 2020, probably at the worst time to try an create a business.

But with an empowering mindset, positive growth on the agenda and applying our direct mindset, we have not only been operating for a year under UPM, but have EXCEEDED our first 12 month expectation.

It’s such a blessing to brainstorm and work with a tribe of like minded black women to keep you elevating. We are each other’s biggest supporters and same with our clients who we watch transform into successful entrepreneurs with the direct mindset of elevating constantly and consistently.

Cheers to one year UPM Suites. Here’s to many more.

CEO Life

Blessed, Focused and THANKFUL.


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