Make Room for Growth…

There was a time when it seemed I was just going with the flow in my life and business.

Waking up uncertain of what the day would hold and no real schedule of events.

Talk about putting stress in your life!

Growing as an full time entrepreneur definitely has its ups and downs.

You vision a “perfect flow” of growth and abundance. Oh if only…..

I started this journey with so many different directions in mind, which had me honestly trying to wing it all.

Truth is, trying to do so much was a big brick roadblock of growth.

You want to do everything, be everything and accomplish everything.

But you really have no specifics.

I’ve learned along the way, there always has to be a end goal. Something you are working towards. Short and long term.┬á Like a milestone of some sort.

If you have a conversation with someone about your business or personal branding, and you cannot clearly state your goals, you have no action plans and are stuck in your own way.

Having unclear plans of actions will undoubtedly add stress, frustration and can even make you think of giving up altogether.

Failure is not an option.

I became accountable for my lack of discipline.

Once I did, it got a little easier to actually get some help in the areas I knew I was lacking in.

Yes, it’s hard to let go of some of the operation of things within your business, but it’s even harder to try and keep doing things all by yourself.

Find your tribe! Create your power team and it will almost guarantee Elevation.

I work with women of color looking for elevation on a business and personal level.

We replace negative thoughts hurting your growth. Remove mind blockage so clarity is evident and use our direct mindset skills to be consistent in our growth.

I broke free from the stigma of believing I can handle things all by myself. Once that happened, I’ve seen growth in my businesses beyond my expectations.

You can too.

The power of a positive mind.

If you are struggling in any level of your life, it is because you refuse to open your mind to recieve the tools that are required to elevate

The Journey is Necessary…..

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2 thoughts on “Make Room for Growth…

  1. Great post and very insightful. Making room for personal growth is super important. When I got out of my own way, life became a lot simpler.

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