Change in routine….

This is the first year I didn’t spend Thanksgiving with family.

Although I enjoyed my time at home, the change in routine was a little emotional for me.

This is new reality. Times are changing like crazy. A yearly tradition is no more.

Yet I will remain positive.

I will never be sad about others’ growth because I understand that change is required and definitely necessary.

Even if I didn’t get to beat anyone in UNO this year.

From relocation to work obligations, this family has experienced a change in our holiday “ritual”.

We used to believe that we HAD to be together no matter what. That specific day was not an option to miss and if we did, it would sometimes cause a little tension.

However now, even though I missed them, we are totally OK with skipping it. I am so proud of my family and how we embrace the change. The emotional side of us are sad; however, the logical side totally understands.

The power of a direct mindset.

It’s OK to be emotional about changes in life as long as they are not negatively overwhelming you. It’s even MORE okay to be on the greater side of the change, and to each one of my family members who are constantly growing and thriving, I’m proud to call you family.

The adjustment only means the next gathering we are all able to attend together will be that much more special.

Cheers to change.


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