Moving forward…

The start of 2021, I honestly was not 100% sure of where my journey was guiding me. There were many anticipated ideas I had for Upgraded MindsetZ, UPM Suites and my purpose.

The journey has had ups and downs, excitement, disappointment, but most importantly, LESSONS.

I’ve met goals. Exceeded expectations in a lot of areas.

Your girl is also shelfing some ideas.

And it’s OK. It wasn’t for me.

The most important thing I’m proud of? My mental growth and Upgraded MindsetZ. I see the changes in myself, and am so grateful to be blessed to continue on the path of empowerment, elevation and support.

There is a much clearer reflection on where I am going as an organization. Things I thought I wanted to be a part of are no longer apart of my purpose.

gorgeous black woman in frame of plants

The power of a direct and growth mindset.

As 2021 comes to a close, we should be taking this time to reflect on where you are in your life, and more importantly, where you want to be!

Growth is mandatory. Different levels for different folks as well as different journeys, but nonetheless, growth is a requirement for everyone.

Some will say they are fine where they are in life and don’t see any need for improvement on any level. If you hear that, then you may want to step away from that person and especially thinking with that type of logic.

They are not ready for their journey. But you are!

Get out of your own way and step into 2022 with new intentions of growth, prosperity and supportive backing.

The greatest feeling in the world is to be able to share your thoughts, ideas and elevation with those like minded. I am totally blessed to have created a team of dope, amazing people to keep me focused, accountable and positively reinforced. My tribe is amazing!

If you are constantly questioning whether someone or something has relevance in your life, then let me be frank with you… doesn’t.

This is a new age of becoming more open minded, prioritizing self and speaking our truth!

These tips can help you begin to understand how your journey is necessary.

2022 is your time to:

  • Break free from the restriction of keeping people around you out of obligation
  • Stop holding yourself back because you are afraid of leaving others behind. They aren’t ready…but you are!
  • Understand that the old way of thinking is no longer helpful.
  • Be unapologetic in your transformation!
  • Create your like minded tribe so you can stay on the path of positive growth and elevation.

The initiative to aid and assist women of color too begin their transformation begins 1/2/22. Get the info here!

It’s never too late to change anything about your life.

Nothing is impossible with a direct mindset.

Get ready to elevate folks.

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