I became intentional with my purpose and that changed the game.

The Journey is necessary and I’ll never be the same.

I started a mission of intentional growth.

I continue that mission with my purpose in tow.

Distractions can happen and more than likely will do;

Nothing so much that it should stop you.

Gain all of your power and elevate your mind.

Be prepared to shed all the dead weight, leave it behind.

Your life can be fulfilling and not filled with stress;

But your intentions have to be on point, not just up in a mess.

Create the life you want, with an intentional mind;

Get up and get ready for this empowering mental ride.

The journey begins when you are ready to believe;

You are capable of living a life of ease.

If you haven’t taken action, then here is your chance.

Take the opportunity to start your clarity dance.

Dance yourself into a life of peace and positive vibes.

Transform your life by taking back control of your mind.

Be obligated to self and continue to build your empowering seal.

Block out all the negativity and continue the path of overcoming your struggles and heal….

Written by Kisha Woods.

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