Fake Peace?

I saw a quote the other day, and it really prompted some deeper thought. The quote was:

“If you avoid conflict, you manufacture fake peace.”

I feel this is true. 

I used to believe that in order to “keep the peace,” I shouldn’t speak on situations that would bother my spirit.

But my oh my have I changed that perspective.

I now have the unapologetic confidence to address a situation that may cause some type of conflict WITH THE OTHER PERSON. This is a reminder of my boundary setting and that I will speak on whatever I need to speak on to continue on my self growth and healing journey.

I can not control the actions of other people. If I am speaking on a topic or situation and that brings frustration and anger to where it now becomes a conflict to them, that’s not on ME.

It’s on THEM to address why they feel they can’t have a talk without being argumentative and negatively impacted.

We should be able to have uncomfortable conversations without the need to include conflict, or mental  harm.

I learned how and also taught my clients, too.

Work on yourself so that you can have a conversation without the need to be malice and heartless.

There are people who can still agree to disagree peacefully. Conflict comes from your own struggles. So you owe it to yourself to resolve that within.

Work towards elevating the mind, which in tune will give you the means to apply logic instead of emotion to those important conversations.

The Journey is necessary.

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