Why I changed the way I think, and you should too…

Do you believe that other people know what’s best for you?

Meaning, are you living YOUR best life, or are you going with the “system standard” flow?

Honestly, one of the main reasons why there is so much stagnation with people is because we are not living OUR OWN life.

This is a reality that many don’t want to see or hear.

Fixated on outside opinion, we hold ourselves back.

Back in the days of young, I didn’t really understand why I struggled so much with “going with the flow” of day to day life.

When certain situations would occur, I always had questions and was most of the time never given an explanation, told to pray about it, and to not question it.

I couldn’t do it. I got labeled “the problem child” because of it.

That was never enough for me, and I now know why. I was trying to find my own individuality but was told NO in so many words.

Everybody has their own inner values. Some are aware of theirs and there are others who have no idea what a value even is.

Which is a problem.

If you are wanting to gain clarity in your life, you must be willing to confront the uncomfortable things that have been holding you back in the first place.

You have to deeply reflect on what it is you seek on a short term and long term basis for your life.

Dig into the inner workings of the mind and decipher what is for you and what is NOT.

You carry the power to create a life like no other.

Which is exactly how you want to be. Living YOUR life.

The Journey is Necessary.

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