Blessings and Insights…

Thank you to everyone who has on this journey with me. Who has seen me at my worst and those who consistently keep me motivated! I really love my tribes and cannot express enough through words how grateful I am to have such a dope team.

Been a little while.

Sitting here counting my blessings, loving my inner happiness, and decided to do some catching up on my blog.

Life has been blessed, busy and I still journal to keep my mind free and clear. However I had to remember why I created my blog in the first place.

To grant transparency to my followers, clients and more.

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I wont take away from myself though!

April 2020 started a 30 day hiatus from Facebook. YES, at the beginning of the “pandemic”.

That was the beginning of my empowering mindset transformation journey.

I needed changes in my life. Didnt want the negative thoughts constantly overwhelming my mind anymore. It was time to UNLEARN things no longer for me and it required me to RECONDITION my entire thinking process.

The best move ever for my mental well being.

Hosting the Mindset Motivation Workshop with Coach Kay Wds.

I’ve experienced so many different emotions over the past few years, which is a huge shift from years of suppressing them.

You can look back and figure it should have been axed out long ago. But being a people pleaser and making sure everyone else was good, caused me to stay still… every way.


Fulfilled, intentional, elevated, life.

Nothing anyone can say to me that will take me out of the #unapologetic mindset I possess.

In complete control of my life.

There are some who let the opinions of other people stop them from making their own decisions. It used to be me in a lot of ways.

I implemented new policy in life which included setting boundaries, being forever accountable and understanding I stand on my own values.

Simple terms….gaining CLARITY. Blessings.

Growing mindsets is for keeps.

We celebrate our 2 year “businessversary” in June! Coaching services now to include group coaching, mentoring and entrepreneurial planning.

Mindset Motivation Workshops launched 1st quarter 2022 which I offer in person as well as virtually to women. Speaking about specific topics that are critical in positive growth for women of all ages.

Empowering Real Talk Weekly is our Livestream Show that you can view on our YOUTUBE Channel, along with our social media platforms.

UPM Suites is my office but also where the money resides too! Myself along with my UPM Partners, Passie and Mooie, offer inclusive marketing, branding, consultations, design crafting and so much more!

I can spend all day typing about all of the amazing experiences currently going on in my life.


Let me reiterate to all, that once I put the real effort in to believe I was capable of living the life I wanted, things have been elevating every since.

Believe you are worthy of having the life you desire.

Also understand that your life isn’t for anyone else to live.

Its yours.

Think about your own values when embracing who you truly are.

Be ok with whatever modifications are required because they are for the better of YOU.

Shake that old mindset of believing there has to be struggle and suffer negative influences to try and get ahead.

Clarity is the IT word today, so you can become the best version of yourself.

Are you wondering about your growth plan and unsure about the path? Lets have a conversation.

Keep it positive, beautiful souls.


Mindset Motivation at the Vendor Party Event Hosted by Upgraded MindsetZ.

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