When you set out on a mission to help those change their ways;

You learn people are content with being stuck in negativity every day.

Wanting to instill growth where you see it lacks.

But you can’t force it to be recieved, that’s where you feel the setback.

Becoming more aware of you, is the true prize and goal.

Keep continuing on the journey of elevating your soul.

Alignment is important, living your life unapologetically is key.

Embrace your fear of the unknown, because the journey is necessary.

This is just little reminder, you can’t convince those to make changes who see no error in their actions in the first place, or who choose to stick around in havoc and drama.

They made their decision, so you make yours by continuing your GLOW UP!

Sacrifice is required in the name of growth! If you are a woman looking to begin a journey of peace, positive growth and clarity, then let’s talk about it, click here…..

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