Transforming into greater..

They say time flies when you are having fun. I feel the same thing  when you are walking in your purpose.

It doesn’t seem like it was over 2 years ago that I began this journey as the founder of Upgraded MindsetZ LLC.

This walk has been one for the books!

But I would not change a thing.

I now understand the bumps, curves, detours and reroutes are necessary, in order for me to continue elevating myself.

We tend to get in our own way sometimes with thoughts of  failing, or being judged by outside influence, just to name a few.

What we have to realize ALL of the twists are a part of the process.

A positive shift to the word fail… LESSON.

It’s a part of the process. I am not one to speak of instant success because that’s not MY story. I keep it as realistic as it gets.¬† I struggled. The many times I had to reflect.

But I wouldnt give up.

Those thoughts definitely attempted to enter in my head.

Even when I was super frustrated with the cycle of growing a business.

But I wouldnt give up.

I now believe it’s almost mandatory to experience “failure” from experiences in life.

How will you know what worked and what didn’t if you haven’t experienced some sort of failure?


A very important key detail: Your mind has to be equipped with the tools to turn the failed attempt into life lessons and grow from it!

I’ve taken life lessons¬†and applied them into each and every aspect of my personal and business growth.

The process has expanded my mind beyond my imagination, even helping me decide to branch out into other entrepreneurial opportunities!

5 critical things in our growth process are:

  • Time – Schedule/Organize the day
  • Patience – Steady and Consistent
  • Practice – Become an expert
  • Unlearning – Replacing old beliefs
  • Relearning – Being receptive and open minded


It’s important to realize,¬† there is no ‘fast track’ option to the top. Work is required. I know that social media depicts this fantasy of get rich quick, live your best life in 24 hours type of vibe.

Imagine that as another form of Reality TV. Everything is not what it seems. LOL.

Those wanting transformational changes inside and out, my feedback to you is:  you gotta buckle up and get ready to replace the negative,  so you can live. Sacrifice may need required,  are you ready for that?

Let’s keep our momentum going. Keep applying new policies and remaining intentional along our changing journey.

We got this….

More about the Journey and why it’s necessary…

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