A Reintroduction…

To those who are new to Empowering Real Talk, thank you so much for being on a continuing journey with me.

I’m Kisha aka Coach Kay Wds, and I am a person no longer afraid to speak my truth. I started this transformational journey in April 2020.

There are things that those closest to me never knew I suffered from or the depths of what I was dealing with because I became a master of suppressing my feelings and emotions.

My main way of suppression was putting everyone else’s needs, wants and situations ahead of my own.

Doing this gave me a twisted sense of belief that I would be “blessed” by continuing to take care of everyone else.

But what I wasn’t doing is taking care of ME, and I was suffering inside.

Eventually it all caught up with me in April of 2020, and tested my mental well being in ways I never imagined it could.

I set out on my journey of healing and positive changes by confronting my emotions, and becoming accountable about the things I claimed for years weren’t affecting me.

The best decision of my life.

Embodying my healing journey, I knew I still wanted to help others as I was already doing before. The difference now?

I’m proud to speak from a place of HEALING and not HAVOC.

Upgraded MindsetZ became official in June 2020. Becoming a Mindset Motivator, I opened this plarform for women to have a safe space to overcome negative thoughts and embody their clarity without judgment and with positive reinforcement.

Three common ways that plague women and hold them back from any kind of growth are:

*Taking care of everyone else, and not themselves.

*Putting their happiness in the hands of others.

*Dealing with negativity, and toxic behaviors from family and friends just because they are who they are.

My mission is to see others break free from those restrictive obligations.

I took a stand by seeking solution of growth, healing, and elevating my mental well being, and Upgraded MindSetZ is here to empower women to do the same.

In these current times, it is so important to prioritize our mental well being. Don’t believe that stress and havoc is normal. It’s not! Talk to someone and start a transformational journey all your own.

Your Journey is Necessary.

If you are someone who is looking to begin your journey of clarity, intention and purpose, them let’s start a conversation. Click here to get started.

Let us know what you think!