Be about it….

I keep hearing….I’m tired of the negativity in my life!

I used to be that same person.

But are you really tired?

I’ve found that most just keep hearing themselves talk, but unwilling to take action.

Honest moment: I used to be one.

Until got accountable for myself and my growth.

So many say they are ready to make changes in life, but really don’t grasp that word CHANGE and will make 100 excuses as to why certain things can’t be eliminated or replaced.

If you are choosing to keep one or more things in your life that you clearly know is negative, stressful, and causes havoc, then you are a direct hindrance in your own growth.

Change is hard, YES.

From personal experience, replacing habits can be a difficult task. The mind is so used to operating on a state of default, that we most times don’t even realize that we aren’t really putting any action in the journey of positive changes.

Although I can write a book on this, (stay tuned), I will tell you in this blog entry that an important factor that is needed is: INTENTION.

Intention in creating a positive self platform.

Intention on making sacrifices of your own negative behaviors.

Intention in replacing daily habits to become more productive.

Just to name a few.

Our mind is where everything begins. Every thought and decision.

Those thoughts and decisions have to be backed up with action, and that falls on you and your willingness to stay intentional ! Doing so will increase your positive transformation, and elevate your happiness and success!

If you are a woman who is struggling to gain clarity, unsure how to create a personal positive platform, then click here.

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