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How to Empower Your Confidence…

One thing that I speak about OFTEN is that life is going to throw trials and tribulations our way. This is why it is important to have your confidence policy locked and loaded!

Unsure about how to tap in to your confidence?

Let me share a few tips that have been beneficial with my continuing clarity and how I keep elevating my inner confidence.

  • Think about the 3 toughest things you’ve ever done in your life. You were successful in coming through these things, right? By mentally exploring these things, you’ll learn about how you found your confidence in those situations. Whenever you feel your confidence lacking, reflect on those tough times and remember what strategies you utilized to get through them.
    • Feeling self-assured comes with knowing that you can make it through difficult times and emerge triumphant.
    • What are your most significant achievements? Take some moments to survey your life. Then, reflect on your achievements and let yourself feel proud. Re-connect with the feelings of self-assurance you experienced at those times. You feeling that confidence grow? YES!

Understand mistakes happen.

  • Mistakes happen, and are actually a part of our learning cycle. An important factor in finding your confidence is examining what you’ve done in the past that you now see as a lesson. Understanding your prior errors is integral to developing your sense of self-assuredness. Becoming accountable for your past lessons allows you to say to yourself that you understand what happened and that you know now to approach those situations differently. Recognizing that you wouldn’t do it the same way again builds confidence. When you realize that you’ve gained some applicable knowledge, you also strengthen your confidence that you can meet any challenge in the future.

Find a role model/mentor.

  • You probably know someone who you believe exhibits great inner confidence. What does their self-assurance look like? Do they make eye contact when speaking to others? Can you see a comfortable ease with which they relate to others? Perhaps they have a great sense of humor. Know this, a self-assured person isn’t afraid to admit they made a mistake.
    • Now, try behaving like them. You truly can live your way into a new way of thinking. If you emulate the person whom you view as confident, you’ll be more likely to exude self-assurance yourself. Even when you’re experiencing a challenge and aren’t feeling too sure about yourself, reflect and refocus as much as you need to.
    • Use your knowledge about how confidence appears and behave that way. Soon after, you’ll begin to recognize and connect with your own true confidence.

As we grow in life we will experience different emotions.

Although you might not always feel self-assured, try some of these strategies to find your confidence when you need to. Before you know it, you’ll have tapped into your self-confidence, and others will be following your lead!

I hope these tips help you begin of the shift to empowering your confidence and elevate your personal and even entrepreneurial growth!

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