Leave outside validation, OUTSIDE.

Outside validation is one of the biggest threats…..to ourselves.

Nothing wrong with getting feedback, constructive criticism, and positive reinforcement. You just have to be able to tell between that and the negative influence trying to pass as feedback.

Many people talk about how they “don’t worry about what others say or think about them”.

Yet their actions are a total contradiction of that.

Explaining themselves on social media, to asking total strangers to make choices for them, its all fun and games until you are stuck and not moving forward with anything.

Always be mindful of surroundings and situations, and what type of impact it has on your life. Nothing positive is going to tell you to NOT pursue your dreams.

Start taking action based off of your OWN expectations. Some are so wrapped up in outside validation, they cant answer a simple question of what they want for themselves.


We are individuals for a reason. That means you should be making your own choices and stop allowing outside negative influence prevent you from living the life you desire.

Live your life, unapologetically and the number one way to enforce that is to let your mind make your decisions for YOU. Your mind believes what you tell it, meaning you carry your power all in what you think!

Unable to focus on you and need positive reinforcement? Then lets have a conversation about becoming the best version of yourself.

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i love me words on concrete floor

“I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am NOT.”

— Kurt Cobain

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