Caught up in the Negative Scroll…

The past few weeks have definitely been busy, but more importantly, productive. Striving to maintain goals, client engagement, new projects, podcasting, and other things under this serial entrepreneur’s belt.

There was one thing I had started noticing with me… social media scroll time had increased.

One could say that’s not necessarily bad, but as a full time entrepreneur, I beg to differ.

There are a lot of entrepreneurs that believe because you have a business, you are automatically obligated to be online literally 24 hours a day.

I do NOT. I try and stay on top of my social media screen time as much as possible. Logging off, taking breaks, etc. as much I as I mentally need to.

Let me be clear, I’m very aware of social media being a GEM when it comes small business, hell ANY business.

I believe it can be a GOOD or BAD key in your business.

The GOOD (not limited to):

  • Increased visibility
  • Potential clients and customers
  • Possible collaborations (if thats your thing)
  • Partnerships
  • And a host of other things

The BAD (not limited to):

  • Endless scrolling
  • Lost track of time
  • Incomplete tasks
  • Not following through on your duties
  • And a host of other things

One thing I always go back to, is reminding myself of these WHY’s:

  • Why are you on social media?
  • Why are you not seeing the results you want to see?
  • Why are you scrolling on TIK TOK for an hour when you have content creation or spreadsheets to update?
  • Why are you not moving forward, but you see others on social media who seem to be growing their business?

I could ask a million more WHY questions, but I’m sure you get the point.

Let this blog post be a reminder today: Make sure you are prioritizing your time, especially when it comes to social media. I know it is a HUGE habit to just pick up the phone and just start scrolling, but this is why you must create policy to shift out of default mode.

woman using smartphone during daylight

Quick tips to help keep your scroll time in the green:

  • Create a daily social media task list/routine.
  • Set your screen time settings on your phone.
  • When it comes to the business side of things, make sure you know why you’re online.
  • Schedule your content with the content creation tools a lot of platforms now offer.

Keeping my routines in play have proven super beneficial to myself and my business. I am human, however I remain intentional!

Not only am I maintaining a mentally healthy relationship with the internet, but I’m also seeing increased productivity with my methods.

Try these out and let me know if you see improvements.

If you are a woman who is struggling with any kind of clarity, whether for your personal growth or what you want moving forward for your business, then click here and lets have a conversation.

Let us know what you think!