It’s a WRAP, 2022!

2022 Highlights from Upgraded MindsetZ.

And just like that, the end of the year is here.

Sitting here drinking my iced coffee, I am in reflective mode. To be honest, I have been for the past 30 days.

This year has brought SO MUCH into and out of my life. Friendships, partnerships and more have come and gone.

Life has definitely been LIFIN’. But, overall, it has been for the BETTER OF ME.

Each month of the year has provided an empowering role in this continuous journey of life and purpose.

January: I kicked off 2022 ready to step up my brand.

I had my first photoshoot, stepping out of a routine of hoodies, jeans and gym shoes. I even wore makeup! ME. Makeup. That’s a shift all by itself.

February: I hosted an in person self care, “Mindset Motivation” workshop for women locally.

We discussed struggles with staying comfortable, self love, and I provided 4 tools to help get uncomfortable and build inner confidence for the long term.

March: Women’s History Month!

I decided to use my platform to acknowledge not only the women who have historically paved the way for me and so many others, but I interviewed over 20 amazing women on the livestream podcast, Empowering Real Talk, to speak on their story, struggle and triumphs. Catch some of those interviews on my YouTube Channel.

April: I partnered up to Host the BeQute Boutique Vendor Party Pt 2 – Empowerment Edition.

This event had over 25 small business vendors providing various goods and services. Positive reinforcement, entrepreneurship, and how we can keep ourselves grounded were some of the focal points of discussion.

May: I was honored to be a Workshop Speaker at the Annual Sister’s Rock Community Health Fair.

Put on by Living to Serve Foundation, INC in Peoria, IL to bring awareness and resource for mental and physical health. In my workshop, we addressed mental restrictions, breaking free from self limitations, and finding clarity to elevate personally as well as professionally.

JUNE: I celebrated my 2 Year BUSINESSversay, as well as my birthday!

What other way would I want to celebrate but surrounded with amazing women? I had a few fly in from Texas and even New Jersey to celebrate with me. The perfect topper was an extended vacation to Myrtle Beach!

July: I stepped out to be supportive to support clients as well as the community.

Part of my purpose definitely involves uplifting other entrepreneurs and those who needed it.

Taste of the Hood July ’22
Feels good to be appreciated!
Soul Therapy Paint N Vibe

The month ended with me as a Keynote Speaker for Soul Therapy with Lou’s Ladies Paint and Poetry Night.

We had empowering conversations about prioritization of self, purpose and what our life means to each of us.

I added another business to my entrepreneurial journey, launching my own travel business. Another level up!

August: Continuation of community support.

I took the initiative of giving back to entrepreneurs and adding more services to my other business, UPM Suites, that I own with 2 other amazing women. We compile our individual expertise to provide inclusive products and services in our community, in person and online.

September: Upgraded MindsetZ and UPM Suites hosted our first annual “BUY MBE DAY”.

Minority Enterprise Development Week (SBA) observes achievements and economic contributions made by Minority Business Enterprises, finalizing the week with Buy MBE Day, This day was celebrated this year on September 24th, and is to bring awareness, support and revenue to millions of minority owned businesses across the country. We hosted 15 women entrepreneurs in a full block party themed event as they set up to sell and promote their goods and services.

Season 4 of The Empowering Real Talk Podcast kicked off!

Images from UPM’s Buy MBE Day with Chief Diversity officer Melody Green.

October: Another partnership with Soul Therapy with Lou, as co host of “Flickin and Kickin it – Sip and Vibe.”

Another empowering event for women to mingle, paint, vibe and take unlimited pictures in the amazing It’s a Vibe Selfie Studio, while being supported by other amazing women. It’s so good to see other women bond together, especially those who don’t know each other, have great vibes and a fabulous time!

November: Stepping up my travel business, I’m spreading awareness of numerous residual income opportunities as an independent travel advisor.

I’m a full time entrepreneur, I am so thankful for the chance to build income streams, and to align it with my purpose of helping others do the same. There is no turning back!

I’ve taken on a new role as 1 of 5 facilitators with The Unapologetic Empire. This is a collective movement of women reclaiming themselves one day at a time. We share similar values of wanting women to live an unapologetic life free of guilt, shame and stigma. Learn more and join the Empire.

Join our Movement!

December: We ended the year with a Vision Board Party and Burn Ceremony at UPM.

We had some amazing women share stories, write their own “burn letter” writing all the the things they wanted to leave in 2022, solidifying by throwing all letters in the pit fire.

The year has been transformational, and December is going out with a bang! I have implemented upcoming projects and more for 2023, including:

  • My first Book
  • Website upgrades
  • Products and Service updates
  • Continuing my Education (my way)
  • Speaking Opportunities

I reflect back when I mentally struggled with so much shit, unclear and unfocused in life. Who would have thought I would be ending my year on such an empowering note? I can say I am disbelief, but honestly, I’m not. I’ve reaping the rewards of trusting my process, and being unapologetically empowered in my own purpose.

Podcast is doing amazing.

Several speaking events lined up for 2023.

Book launched by end of quarter one, 2023

More women are entrusting me and partnering up to elevate their personal growth and entrepreneurial success.

Aligning with others who share the same values of being purposeful to inspire and empower.

Continuing to trust my intuition and process.

This is my journey, and I will continue to align with what is best for me, my businesses, and my LIFE. I have the power and best believe I am going to continue breaking barriers and empowering others to do the same.

I want to personally thank everyone who has contributed, supported and even stepped away from me this year. I’m no longer questioning everything and asking why. I’ve become more spiritually aligned and I know the answer is “because it IS OR ISNT FOR YOU, Kisha.

I appreciate you for taking the time to read this, and send a host of positive, inspirational hype for an amazing year ahead for us all.

Thank you for rocking with Upgraded MindsetZ. Stay tuned for 2023.

Let us know what you think!