Pushing Positive!

Blessed to be a Blessing…

Whoa! May has been busy for your girl as I turn up the heat on my entrepreneurial journey. The excitement has been such a rush! I am so grateful to created a positive platform; making waves and creating positive breakthroughs for other women on a empowered supportive level!

Brief breakdown of things that have happened so far this month:

  • Putting myself into high gear to reaching out to my female community.
  • Signed up 2 NEW CLIENTS in 5 days!
  • Launched my YOU TUBE Channel.
  • Created the “Goal Getter” free chat appointments for women in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. (May)
  • Created “The Self Care Empowerment Pack” from Upgraded MindsetZ – they are now available at UPM Suites for local pickup. Shipping is also available.
  • We gifted 3 ladies with Empowerment Packs!
  • Weekend getaway for Mother/Daughter time with my most favorite girl, my Mommy!
Reflection: I am creating a new reality. Such a blessing to be in a position to be able to contribute, guide, motivate and become a part of empowering change for women, but on my OWN terms.

I used to be the person to stay silent about life, those days are over. Super proud of myself! My retrained way of thinking makes it a requirement to speak positive, live it and enjoy myself along the way!

Times are evolving. I have set to create awareness on our mental well being and making it very accessible for us to make sure we are good. Upgraded MindsetZ wants to make it easy to be able to reach out to talk. Shifting us from hiding our emotions to speaking about them in a healthy non biased environment with confidence and confidentiality.

The system standard way that we have tried to make work for our evolvement is NOT working Sis. We struggle with making changes for our better being because we aren’t being honest with ourselves. Its time to live our own core values, meaning thinking for yourself boo, and stop letting negative interference and influence affect your decisions in life.


Three ways you can make positive shifts REALITY:
  • Becoming accountable for your life and get disciplined. In other words, Check your attitude, admit your wrongs and your part in the lessons in your life so you can begin to change
  • Get uncomfortable! Be willing and ready to remove any person, place or thing not in alignment with your empowerment.
  • Start replacing bad habits. Put routines in place so you can start seeing the negative remove itself and be replaced with positive actions. Consistency will be your key to success. Don’t worry about the time it takes, just stay consistent!

I will continue to create a path to positive empowerment. Creating that it doesn’t have to be the same way as the next person. My truth is not your truth, and we make it easy to be able to speak yours unapologetically!


You Tube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiNWPEpllqFe4H24DpLfzQA

“GOAL GETTER” Free Chat LINK – https://go.oncehub.com/GOALGETTERFreeChat

PODCAST: https://anchor.fm/upgraded-mindsetzrealtalk

Everyday is different..

Remember that you may not feel the same as you did yesterday.

There is standard rule book on emotions, only the implementations you put into place.

If you want to learn to cope, then you create the reality to do so.

If you want to continue to be unaccountable, then you create the reality to do so.

Your journey depends on you.

This is the day you take back your inner strength! The day that you reach out to someone so you can begin to remove the silent suffering.

Your mental clarity will thank you…..sooner than later and that’s a promise.

Make today count!

Looking to begin your journey to a positive mindset? Let’s chat…..



Having the right mental.

In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness month, my blog posts will be focusing on awareness and my personal experiences as well. This is a topic that I feel can never get too much discussion. I want to be a key part of the normalization of the world speaking on our mental health comfortably.

There are people, especially in the African American culture that go through drastic measures to brush this topic under the rug. Society used to have me afraid to tell someone how I was feeling. I spent years of being frustrated, pissed off for the smallest things and lashing out all of the time. We normalized this type of suffering tho, simply saying “Oh thats just how he/she is” putting a negative stigma on wanting to even talk to somebody about it.

Ask the question: Why are we afraid to express ourselves?

One of MANY reasons is because of deep programming of society. Creating negative backlash that, even to this day, so many people are scared to even bring up a for fear of being judged.

My heart wanted to be there for everybody, my mind kept pushing my feelings to the side.

While I was busy motivating and helping everyone else, I was building up anger at myself. Wanting better, but frustrated and stuck in my own mind. I wanted to break myself out of the rut I was in, but couldn’t because I needed the SUPPORT to show me how the RIGHT way.

There are so many different levels of mental health, and its way more common that people think. The past 15 months have been a turning point for the world. However you want to look at it, each and every one of us has been affected in our minds.

Feelings of uncertainty, no motivation, lack of self care, always angry, super stressed all the time, are a FEW things that can begin a downward trend of your mental vitality.

Be sure to follow my blog for new stories, motivation and how I empowered my way to the super chill, positive minded, no shame in my game, dope soul I am today!

Our Journey is Necessary….

Mid Week Motivation

Create your Positive today!

Put forth full positive effort in everything you do today and this point on.

Work on creating more positive memories start to take over the negative. Negative may not always go away, but I will be sure it dims the light for my positive platform to shine!

Your journey is necessary! Keep the negative to the side. Push your positive platform!

The day is what you make it and I challenge you to make it a POSITIVE ONE.

Make it count!


April is Stress Awareness Month

We can all attest that stress creates so much havoc and a negative funk! These present times have made the most “put together” person stressed the HELL OUT.

Inside this podcast episode is some gems on how to tone the stress level down and shift to some positive reinforcement.

Enjoy and let me know what you think. Feedback is definitely welcome!

Take care of yourselves in these trying times. 🙂


Move forward….

Moving forward is probably one of the hardest things that an individual can do. One would wonder why I say that, right?

Leaving our comfort zone is TOUGH. Some call it security. It’s never easy to break the comfortable grips we have put on our life.

I hear people say all the time that they are READY to move on. That is great.

When do you change the word to I HAVE moved on?

Let me open a door for you on how to make that happen.

Any past experiences, good, bad and ugly, are lessons for your future self. You will never be able to ask anyone and hear they have never made a mistake. It is an impossible task, yet we still feel that others are more capable of success than ourselves. We are breaking that cycle!

Create a positive mindset that you are SECURE in making your dreams come to reality. I have assisted multiple clients in making their shift from their negative self sabotage, to complete confidence as they step into their positive platforms. You can positively push forward in all that you want in life.

Are you willing to do what it takes to have the peace and abundance necessary for a clear path to success?

Or do you want to keep wondering about the past, even though you cannot change ANY of it.

Creating a personal positive platform is a requirement. Keeping negative persons, places or things in your life is a forever recipe for being STUCK. Change is necessary, and instead of sabotaging your success by putting the past on display all the time, put together new habits, routines and whatever else positive to open the doors.

Bad and negative happen all of the time, all day everyday. However if everyone stayed focus on the bad things all the time, then there would never be a success story.

I can assist in any way I can to guide and inspire you to make the changes you have dreamed about.

Read more about me and take a look around my site. Let me know if you have questions.

Simple chat right here.


It’s been a minute….


Just looked at my last posts and realized that I have somewhat neglected it. It was not my intention, just a whole bunch of life happening.

Now, I will not say that I have not been enjoying the ride to get to this point, because I absolutely have. 2021 has been so good to be and is just a continuation of the abundance of blessings that started in 2020.

Shout out to those that I see some trying to get positive in regards to mental well being, physical (summer body ready) and putting policies and procedures in place for self. Humbled, grateful and appreciative to those who are are supportive at where I am with things in my life in the past year, it has pushed me to my true being, pushing forward and at peace.

I designed my new reality that’s been desired for years. Negative self talk buried under my dream under the rug because it didn’t align with others views and opinions. Went along with the “masses” and remained silent to stop avoiding constant conflict. I sometimes cringe at thoughts of where I used to be, silently suffering and unhappy.

Now living in my complete truth, pushing forward and owing no explanation on my values and life is the default method.

DO IT, take that chance today

Every able bodied person can achieve their ultimate achievements. It requires a complete change in the way you think, what you allow in your personal space, and if you want to remove the negative so you can succeed at what your dreams are.

DIG into your soul and make sure what you are trying to do is aligning with your SPIRIT.

Living in a negative head space is going to keep you in the rut of not moving forward. Take the risk of being uncomfortable with the change! Think of the reward of succeeding and also celebrate all small victories along the way.

  • Negative Headspace: working a job, but KNEW there was no room for advancement. Stressful situations, poor management (my honest opinion); dreading to clock in just because I knew what the day was going to look, sound and feel like.

2020 was life changing. Transformation. Evolving.

  • Positive Empowered headspace: Full Time Entrepreneur of 2 businesses. Peace of Mind. Inspiring and guiding others. Abundant. Grateful. Motivational. HAPPY.

We are supposed to be living our BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES.

Start today.

If you are struggling to think for your BETTER GOOD. I want to help you change that. Your mindset is depending on you to do what is best and a positive mindset is mandatory!

Please request your request here.


Today is the day..

You keep saying you need change.

You’re frustrated because your life isn’t moving like you want it to.

You are ready for positive changes right? So why are you still in that negative head space?

It’s because you haven’t fully decided. You are still on the fence. You are scared. It’s an uncomfortable spot, I get it.

But your journey is Necessary. We are no longer withholding our changes to pacify and wait for others.

Today is the day! Let’s get started……

Positive Preserverance

Mindset Matters….

Removing the blocks of stress, havoc and frustration all can happen by just changing what you think about.

Life’s trials will happen. Your response is what counts.

Mindset over Everything…

Coach Kay Wds

Ready for your journey? Request your appointment at https://go.oncehub.com/InitiatingthePositive

Speaking Real Life for Women Empowerment

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