The Power of M.E.

The Power of M.E.

Mindset Empowerment

Transformation awaits…

My name is Kisha, I’m a Mindset Coach with the tools to recondition your entire life.

I’m here to guide you above your fears as you step confidently into a whole new reality.

Upgraded MindsetZ is helping women break free from negative thinking methods and overcome self doubt to elevate consistent positive growth for personal and entrepreneurial purposes.

In our own way…

To become successful on any level, the mind needs to apply direct logic to any situation. Women are emotional creatures by nature, and in turn we allow our emotional reactions to cloud our judgement. This can have dire consequence and I have learned is one of the biggest setbacks in our growth journey.

Other factors of stagnation include worrying about other opinions, and feeling obligated to put all other people and things ahead of themselves.

Stress, havoc and restricted thoughts are NOT priorities in our life!

With the addition of toxic people, places and things, a lot of us get stuck in default mode and cannot come up with a plan to break free.

To make things worse, we seem to believe there is no one who will inspire and motivate us out of the negative defaults of our mind.

This platform instills your confidence back! We provide the tools necessary to become unapologetically elevated in your individual journey. Overcome the outdated thinking policies of society by becoming intentional with your actions.

Elevate your MINDSET with purposeful intention with Upgraded MindsetZ.

Coach Kay Wds has been the greatest secret behind my wildly growing success over the last 6 months. I have taken major steps to upgrade my life with the encouragement and support of my life coach Kay.

S. Butler – Tampa, FL

Thank you for believing and me and my vision and helping me bring it to light.

S. White – Peoria, IL

“I just want to say how much I appreciate you and how freaking blunt you are with me. I can always count on you for insight and direction and I am forever grateful.

G. Hendricks – Virginia

“Thank you Coach Kay for helping me overcome my fear, helped me get out of my own way, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to do what I love again.

M. McFadden – Peoria, IL

I would like to learn more… here.

Upgraded MindsetZ is the positive reinforcement and the unbiased feedback and support you secretly have been waiting for.

Imagine looking back in 6 months and saying: “I’m so glad I reached out to Kisha.

Begin your Journey with Me….