My vision is one of empowered black women, unapologetic and confident on all levels. This platform helps with replacing default setbacks within and positively reinforcing direct impact on a personal level, creating a ripple effect on all other areas in our lives.

How much longer can you afford to keep going how you are now?

Science states we default to negative thinking, stuck on autopilot and pretty much worrying about the wrong shit way more often than not. Lets add the fact that social media, toxic relationships, dead end jobs, etc., also have overwhelming negative holds on mental growth. Entertaining negative patterns, whether we choose to believe it or not, keeps the mind stuck in default mode, hindering any type of elevation in our lives.

We positively empower women of color to find their new reality with reconditioned thoughts and action plans of positive elevation. We help create structure, discipline, true support and positive reinforcement, necessary to overcome the obstacles that life can sometimes dish out. Society is trying to keep the cattiness and competing against each other relevant among black women, while I encourage, support and uplift each and every one of US.

Get you a dedicated coach , pushing you to achieve your goals, with no judgement, keep you accountable and empower elevation!

Fact: 85% of the things we worry about….Never happen.

Reality Check: It’s not possible to create positive growth with constant negative energy in your space, Sis.

My methods are making women break free from hindering, restricted habits and replacing with positive, direct thinking elevation.

Continuing to subject the mind to toxicity and negative habits cause adverse setbacks in any type of positive self growth.

Create a new reality by beginning your journey to of adopting an unapologetic, empowered, mindset.

My purpose of empowering women of color is what makes Upgraded MindsetZ tick, my history of encouraging and motivating:

  1. Experience in Healthcare Industry
  2. Mindset Motivating
  3. Years of Mentoring
  4. Expert in Accountability
  5. Creating reconditioning methods of thoughts to help make more logical decisions.
  • Member of International Association of of Professional Life Coaches in the United States.


Life Coaching Certification – New Skills Academy ( July 2020)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification – New Skills Academy (August 2020)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Certification – New Skills Academy
(December 2020)

Mindfulness Certification – New Skills Academy (September 2021)

Mental Health Awareness Certification – New Skills Academy (September 2021)

I understand how overwhelming things can be at any given moment. Truthfully, we cannot control the actions of others. We can only control OUR reaction to their actions. Which is why I created this empowered space to reprogram how to.

Booking a call is a great step in you finally being ready to elevate yourself. Picture looking back 6 months from now thinking:

WOW I’m glad I had that power call. It really changed my life for the better.



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