Kisha’s Bio…

Kisha’s Bio…

I reconditioned the HOW in my life, to create my new WHY!

I’m Kisha, aka Coach Kay Wds and I’m a Certified Life Coach, Speaker, Podcast host, and so much more.

I started this journey while still employed full time, actively working in customer service/sales/healthcare/collection industry as well as throughout the years.

I only intended on being a coach part time and remain full time in corporate America.

Plans changed. LIFE Changed.

See, I always enjoyed helping others, whether with a payment arrangement on a past due bill, or offering charity assistance for medical bills, even being the unofficial “bone collector” as they used to call me at work.

A little Bio..

You’d never know the depth of the struggles of the past unless I told you.

So, let me dive in a little….

Raised in Peoria, Illinois, I definitely fit the criteria of a “troubled child”, causing havoc in my teenage years.

Becoming a mom at the age of 17, I continued down the destructive path of bad behavior.

My reckless ways continued into my early 20’s, not holding myself accountable for anything.

The early 20s was also the death of my grandmother and a devastating blow to me. This was the woman who raised me, and was hands on with my son, because I chose to keep being in the streets.

But life had to continue, and my big sister stepped up to help me in so many ways. We’re 9 1/2 years apart in age and she was my savior, guidance counselor to say the least.

Until I lost her to heart failure in 2009.

She left behind 2 boys, whom I didnt hesitate to raise my as my own. However, I continued to struggle and suppress my own traumas.

Cancer, gun violence, and family struggles are just a FEW of many life challenges I’ve experienced along the way.

Sorry, gotta catch the book for the rest of this story..

Fast forward, life changed in a dangerous way for me in 2020 and it was at THAT MOMENT in March, I started to hold myself accountable for ALL my actions over the years.

Accepting responsibility that I was the major reason for my restricted behaviors, and my own actions kept me stuck in the same negative situations and habits, and ONLY I could change that.

APRIL 2020, transformation began, embarking on my journey of growth, going BENEATH the surface to face things head on.

This journey has completely shifted my way of life. It has helped me change my way of thinking when it comes to life, love and EXISTING.

Along with my newfound clarity and intention, this transformational process shifted me from a full time employee into a:

  • Full time entrepreneur
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Consultant
  • Mentor
  • Speaker
  • Podcast Host
  • Author
  • Teacher
  • Innovator
  • Mindset Motivator

Damn proud of where I stand today, a woman that brought peace to her life with reconditing tools, which are a pivotal resource as to what Upgraded MindsetZ offers.

Success lies in positive changes! I’ve set out on an empowering mission to bring awareness to positive growth methods to allow other women to embrace their true identity, breaking free from self limitations, outside influence and negative energy.

A major factor in embracing who we are is the key component in living in our truth!

We’ve helped dozens of women work toward removing self doubt, tackle fears, replace negative clutter, and more. I remain vigilant in continuing to offer resources to build confidence, elevate self worth and activate a positive platform for women of all ages.

Here we are breaking the stigma of being strong! Strong means we want to do things by ourselves, and we are supporting and empowering any women who needs the uplift and encouragement! Support is what we strive to normalize as well as non biased positive reinforcement every day to stay intentional in our growth journey. 

Kisha’s Businessversary/Birthday Celebration
Mindset Motivation Workshop hosted by Kay Wds


  • Life Coach
  • Mindfulness
  • Neuro-Linguistics Programming
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Life School of Hard Knocks :)

Where can you find Me?

I’m the host of The Empowering Real Talk Podcast, available on almost a dozen streaming platforms, where I’m shedding light on restricted thinking behaviors and actions stalling positive growth individually and in our communities. I’ve even crossed over to YouTube with this same vision so be sure you subscribe everywhere to get updates.

Currently available for:

  • Speaking Events
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Collabs
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts (Audio and Video)

I’m on ALL social media platforms with the handle @CoachKayWds.

My local office is in Peoria, IL inside UPM Suites, which is my 2nd Business as a full time entrepreneur.

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