It’s time for you to find YOU.

How many times have you reached a boiling point of frustration and you thought you were going to BREAK?

I stopped counting long before my transformation.

At one point, I suppressed everything when it came to expressing emotions. I used to believe showing any signs of vulnerability, especially as a black woman, was a sign of weakness. I defaulted to holding myself back, in the midst became overwhelmed, struggled to keep up with the world, all while trying to keep being the brick for everyone else.

The whole time I was silently suffering within and felt I couldn’t talk to anyone about it.

Everyone relied on me, so I felt that I couldn’t show them that I wasn’t the super woman I was forcing myself to try and be.

I struggled daily with negative self talk, taking in everyone’s negative energy, and trying to be a rock for everybody, even while fighting my own battles.

I just was not happy with my life.

I was mentally frustrated and was worried I wouldn’t be able to get myself out of that rut.

I was broken down; in a negative space I wasn’t sure I could bounce back from.

To get something you have never had, you have to do something you never did.

Thomas Jefferson

It was time to break free.

I was tired of the negative overwhelm.

I had to became accountable for myself and started on the journey of transforming my mind to live for me!

My mind was so full of negative mind clutter, it really held back my growth, and I was not living my TRUTH!

Upgraded MindsetZ was born.

We are here to help black women remove the stigma that after a certain age, its too late to change.

Its NEVER too late to reprogram the mind.

I can’t imagine where my life would have kept heading had I not taken time to seriously reflect on everything,

At the age of 43, I knew I was sinking faster into that negative hole.

My Journey was necessary.

I finally tackled the fear of change, got uncomfortable and began working on shedding my default way of thinking.

Set on my journey to reprogram my mind, body and soul into the self empowered being standing here today.

Listen…the Mind does what you tell it.

No question. Truly understanding this allowed me to begin:

  • Opening my mind to truly live my life, my way .
  • Becoming intentional with my actions.
  • Applying logic in my decisions instead of allowing my emotions restrict my judgment.
  • Learning my inner being and how to create my successes by manifestation.

Are you ready to focus on growth, set plans of action AND achieve them, but just can’t get your blueprint down?

I’ll show you that everything you want out of life is achievable.

If you believe it, it will be. Mindset over Everything.

This extended plan of action is your chance to create the empowering life you thought could never happen.

You do NOT have to live with mental frustration, stress OR havoc in or around your life to achieve success on a personal or business level, at ANY age.

More information will be available so I HIGHLY SUGGEST adding yourself to the LIST right now

Availability will be for those looking to start 2022 on a different, empowered note.

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Be Different. Do Different.

Your mind is depending on YOU.

Tell me what you think!

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