Mindset is Everything…

Keeping it full of stress, staying frustrated and negative overwhelm is holding the mind back.

Upgraded MindsetZ offers reconditioning methods for women to realign the mind for success. We show you how to get intentional with your growth and become a direct thinking action taker.

Primary factors that make us unable to ignite our empowering minds can be self limited limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, negative emotions and fear of change just to name a few.

Kisha Woods – Founder, Upgraded MindsetZ LLC.

Hard Truth: Change isn’t possible with negative energy cluttering your mental space.

Studies show we default to autopilot of the mind almost 50% of the time.

What is autopilot?

Its when the mind isn’t thinking about…anything. Its just coasting along, and you leave the door open for negative thoughts to take over.

Social media influence, toxic habits, and lack of support can also be a cocktail of self hinderance.

Reality: 85% of the negative thing we worry about…

Never happen.

Ready to elevate your mind? Upgraded MindsetZ is ready to take the journey with you.

We’ve introduced ONLINE COURSE options to elevate your growth experience.

We don’t have to allow the negativity anymore. Its time for you to find YOU.

Lets discuss your growth plan.

Booking a call is a great step in being ready to elevate yourself. Picture looking back 6 months from now thinking:

WOW I’m glad I had that Clarity call. It changed my life for the better.

Want to hear more from me, get some great tips and tools and listen to some grown folks conversation? Catch The Empowering Real Talk Podcast on your favorite podcast streaming platform.

Fun Facts

  • Mindset Empowerment Coach for Women
  • Mentor
  • Blogger
  • Podcaster
  • Online Speaker
  • Member of International Association of of Professional Life Coaches in the United States.


Life Coaching Certification – New Skills Academy ( July 2020)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification – New Skills Academy (August 2020)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Certification – New Skills Academy
(December 2020)

Mindfulness Certification – New Skills Academy (September 2021)

Mental Health Awareness Certification – New Skills Academy (September 2021)

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