Initiate your Positive

Monthly Personal Coaching Package – 2021

Lets get empowered, Sis.

You’re ready.

The Initiate your Positive package is available for those who are looking for positive changes in their life. This package is created for reassurance that women have a place to come for guidance, inspiration and motivation for self. This safe space will listen to your goals, provide positive tools and resources and push you to become and remain successful!

Upgraded MindsetZ is the the support that we beg others for. Supportive Coaching is on the rise, especially due to all of the stressful things happening in our lives. Be apart of the growth in getting our mind, body and SOUL ready with support coaching with me. True support equals success, and this platform has each one of its clients back, front and side. We work to remove the negative!

Weekly Chat Sessions

Your Monthly package comes with personal chat sessions each month you are an active client. Collaborating together to create and manifest positive changes in work and personal affairs. My focus is to keep you guided on the direction positive empowerment. You receive follow up, an accountability partner and positive reinforcement.

Package Price – $199 Monthly
  • Welcome Gift included with paid Services.
  • Weekly Chat personal conversations
  • 2 month minimum sign up required – increase the chances for success.
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Supportive tools/Goal Setting
  • Encouragement on all platforms

Exclusive Content for Your Growth

woman in white long sleeve shirt writing on white paper

Some of the empowering things that saved me and helped me in my shift for self love and positive changes. I’ve created several methods to creating of positive mindset permanently and will be sharing some of this information with you. All content is property of Upgraded MindsetZ and can not be shared unless specific instructions have been given.

I already see changes in how I think. I owe that to you, and want you right there with me as I continue my positive journey.

Ashley – Client

Let’s make something beautiful together.

This conversation can change your entire life….

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