Letting it all go…

Break free from toxic, negative mind clutter that’s been holding back your personal or professional growth.

Let us get you realigned refocused and ready for positive growth.

I’ve watched so may women of color continue to struggle with expressing our emotions. Upgraded MindsetZ has embodied a non judgmental safe space to be listened to, encouraged and become fearless in elevating our growth.

Kisha Woods – Founder and CEO

Overcome the fear of change, and learn how to become a direct thinker at the same time.

Communication is a Priority

Weekly chats play a big part in shifting to new routines. We work on replacing toxic restrictions, unlearning habits all while keeping you in control of your own growth.

  • Positive Growth plan
  • Elevation Resources
  • Personal branding (confidence building)
  • Goal setting exercises
  • Default to Direct Teaching method

Growth is Inevitable with Us

There are several proven methods I’ve put to use to help realign, refocus, and reprogram dozens into direct thinking powerhouses! Work on replacing the negative influence with new policy dedicated to overcoming your restrictions!

woman in white long sleeve shirt writing on white paper

Are you ready for a new journey of clarity, peaceful policy and amazing opportunity?

Lets get empowered, Sis.

I already see changes in how I think. I owe that to you, and want you right there with me as I continue my positive journey.

Ashley – Client

I appreciate you and how freaking blunt you are with me. I can always count on you for insight an direction and I’m forever grateful.”

Gardenia – Mentee

If I told you simply having an open mind can change your whole way of life, would you believe me?

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