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Break free from the toxic, negative mind clutter holding back personal or professional growth with reconditioning methods that change how and what you think about.

Black women continue to struggle with expressing our emotions. Upgraded MindsetZ has embodied a non judgmental safe space for us to be listened to, be encouraged and become fearless in elevating our growth.

Kisha Woods – Founder and CEO

Collaborate with Coach Kay Wds as she encourages and motivates you to take action on your goals, control the fear of change, and learn how to be a direct thinker.

Communication is a Priority

Our weekly chat sessions are part of our program and play a big part in shifting to new routines. Head in a positive direction as we work on replacing toxic restrictions and while keeping you in control of your changes.

  • Positive Growth plan
  • Elevation Resources
  • Personal branding (confidence building)
  • Goal setting exercises
  • Default to Direct Teaching method

Online Courses / Empowerment Exercises / Growth Assignments

I’ve created several proven methods of refocusing, realigning and reprogramming our mind to become a direct thinking powerhouse! Replace the negative habits permanently with routine of empowerment to overcome your restrictions!

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So, are you ready for a journey of clarity, new policy and new opportunity?

Lets get empowered, Sis.

I already see changes in how I think. I owe that to you, and want you right there with me as I continue my positive journey.

Ashley – Client

I appreciate you and how freaking blunt you are with me. I can always count on you for insight an direction and I’m forever grateful.”

Gardenia – Mentee

The Journey is Necessary…..

If I told you simply having an open mind can change your whole way of life, would you believe me?

Lets book a call and find out. Check out the link below.

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