April is Stress Awareness Month

We can all attest that stress creates so much havoc and a negative funk! These present times have made the most “put together” person stressed the HELL OUT.

Inside this podcast episode is some gems on how to tone the stress level down and shift to some positive reinforcement.

Enjoy and let me know what you think. Feedback is definitely welcome!

Take care of yourselves in these trying times. 🙂


Quit waiting…

This HIT different….

We get the same amount of time each and every day…

Quit dimming your own light because others don’t want their glow up as bad as you!

Its a New season! New Vibes! New Elevation!

Stop slowing your growth just to wait on others who don’t want it like you!

You can’t MAKE THEM support you…but you CAN and WILL continue your journey to success unapologetically!!

Get serious…

It’s time yall….

Even though I have not really touched on politics through this whole “political madness” ( in my words), I have to get this off my chest.

I see and hear so many people talking,  arguing, and I mean heated debates. I just would like to know when it became so critically “unjust” to have a different voice or opinion than someone else.

This is the time where I feel being yourself should matter the MOST. Does this woman here particularly care for the current climate of our country? Absolutely NOT….but since I can’t just walk and turn off the madness switch, I chose to initiate what I needed to do for ME. Staying true to SELF is so important y’all. We have to remember noone else can take care of us better than ourselves. It is mandatory to make sure you are functioning with a level head, solid choices, and no regrets! You failed at something? Ok…take the lesson from it and keep going!

I never thought that I would see anything like this going on in my lifetime. You have to really get serious folks about your OWN life..I feel like some people are literally sitting around waiting on politics to decide how to live day to day. Why haven’t you already had a plan in place for your life anyway? I know the importance of elections, politics, education, etc don’t get me wrong. But let me ask this: what is it going to take for you to get real serious about your life ad a whole?

I’m taking it serious enough to make the changes in life for ME and my legacy, yes I can still create one and I am! Broadened my Coaching, creating multiple streams of income, able to shift the mindset to stay focused no matter what. Nothing will get in my way when it comes to where my Purpose is shifting me.

It is not too late for anyone. There should be no election, no opinion, NOTHING should be restricting you on making the necessary UPgrade in life you know deep down you seek….

Quick Appreciation…

The “corporate” week is about to begin. Well wait, a friend just boasted she was off tomorrow, Columbus Day…..Hmmmmm…ANYWHO…….

Sitting back, I and think about all the small business owners, coaches, overall entrepenuers etc. that I follow and I feel a sense wanting to get to know something about each follower and fellow entrepeneur. I take the time to make sure I view each and every person’s page, profile, etc. Support is what is loved here within, giving itas well as receiving it. You can literally catch me on my phone or even my laptop sometimes researching, reading and reviewing at any given time. Being able to click my way through a wide diversity of different businesses, talents and focus, not to mention sharpen my own brand, is defintely so interesting and dope to me!

A virtual shout out to those entrepenuers who are achieving and maintaining their small businesses ups and downs. I commend and thank all of the go getters who are not allowing this “pandemic” deter their goals and dreams. Keep going through it all. I believe in US. We have reason to still believe we will be successful in all of our endeavors. Let us keep our Momentum going!

Why think that way…….

Typing this up, I had just finished up creating some tools and resources that are currently in the creative stages for a soon to come educational platform (SN: YES BE EXCITED, I am! Follow this blog for real time updates!)

Question: How many of us wake up each morning dreading the day ahead? Are you already frustrated about how another day has arrived and there is still conflicted thinking, limited belief and negative behavior already going on in your mind? Did you take those negative thoughts to bed with you the night before? Ughhhh another day, you are so over it right?

Yep, I used to be to. Waking up pissed about another day that I just had to get out of the bed sometimes. Wanting to sleep for another good 45 mins, LOL. Dreading what the day ahead was even going to bring me…..

That Mindset shift tho……..

Smiling is a MUST each and every day that I now open my eyes, No matter WHAT is going on in the outside world. **

****A Little tidbit about me below****

BTW: I didn’t use to tell anyone, anything about me, at ALL.

When I wake up each day, I strive for immediate Gratitude when I awake. Doing this with the tools I use for an Upgraded Mindset, my thoughts are already set and know to focus on that FIRST positive thought each and every morning, setting myself up for a Positive and Clutter Free focused Day!

Did you know:

85% of the things that we worry about don’t even HAPPEN.

30% of the things that we fear are PAST concerns that we think may repeat.

90% are issues that honestly are insignificant things that don’t really affect an action we want to take.

We always have the power to create our WHY. We have the tenacity to be great, IF WE WANT IT.

Simply put here for the sake of this blog post, Creating and adapting with a Toxic Mindset will create Toxic EVERYTHING! Period…….

We know that a mind in motion Stays in Motion! When you become your negative thoughts, you can become a victim of your own negative trap.

Break free of the negative thinking pattern, unless you are good with continuing to live a restricted mindset.

The Journey is Necessary…….

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