Live your Truth and Remove the Negative….

HEY girl HEY!

I’m Kisha, and welcome to the platform that is helping women break free from their stuck mindsets and removing negative habits to live an amazing, admirable, stress free, abundant life.

Kisha – Positive Empowerment Coach

We proudly offer supportive coaching services to women who silently suffer due to one or more reasons, no support and constant negative overwhelm. Continuing to guide and motivate those who seek a positive mindset change for better success for self. This platform offers a host of other business and administrative services, and I am confident that I can provide some type of positive value to ones life.

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Our purpose is to continually strive to become and maintain the absolute best person you can be.

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The Mind listens to everything you tell it. If you feed it negative energy, then that is what it will give in return. Success lies in the positive changes you are ready to make. I will be with you every step of the way.

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