April is Stress Awareness Month

We can all attest that stress creates so much havoc and a negative funk! These present times have made the most “put together” person stressed the HELL OUT.

Inside this podcast episode is some gems on how to tone the stress level down and shift to some positive reinforcement.

Enjoy and let me know what you think. Feedback is definitely welcome!

Take care of yourselves in these trying times. 🙂


Move forward….

Moving forward is probably one of the hardest things that an individual can do. One would wonder why I say that, right?

Leaving our comfort zone is TOUGH. Some call it security. It’s never easy to break the comfortable grips we have put on our life.

I hear people say all the time that they are READY to move on. That is great.

When do you change the word to I HAVE moved on?

Let me open a door for you on how to make that happen.

Any past experiences, good, bad and ugly, are lessons for your future self. You will never be able to ask anyone and hear they have never made a mistake. It is an impossible task, yet we still feel that others are more capable of success than ourselves. We are breaking that cycle!

Create a positive mindset that you are SECURE in making your dreams come to reality. I have assisted multiple clients in making their shift from their negative self sabotage, to complete confidence as they step into their positive platforms. You can positively push forward in all that you want in life.

Are you willing to do what it takes to have the peace and abundance necessary for a clear path to success?

Or do you want to keep wondering about the past, even though you cannot change ANY of it.

Creating a personal positive platform is a requirement. Keeping negative persons, places or things in your life is a forever recipe for being STUCK. Change is necessary, and instead of sabotaging your success by putting the past on display all the time, put together new habits, routines and whatever else positive to open the doors.

Bad and negative happen all of the time, all day everyday. However if everyone stayed focus on the bad things all the time, then there would never be a success story.

I can assist in any way I can to guide and inspire you to make the changes you have dreamed about.

Read more about me and take a look around my site. Let me know if you have questions.

Simple chat right here.


It’s been a minute….


Just looked at my last posts and realized that I have somewhat neglected it. It was not my intention, just a whole bunch of life happening.

Now, I will not say that I have not been enjoying the ride to get to this point, because I absolutely have. 2021 has been so good to be and is just a continuation of the abundance of blessings that started in 2020.

Shout out to those that I see some trying to get positive in regards to mental well being, physical (summer body ready) and putting policies and procedures in place for self. Humbled, grateful and appreciative to those who are are supportive at where I am with things in my life in the past year, it has pushed me to my true being, pushing forward and at peace.

I designed my new reality that’s been desired for years. Negative self talk buried under my dream under the rug because it didn’t align with others views and opinions. Went along with the “masses” and remained silent to stop avoiding constant conflict. I sometimes cringe at thoughts of where I used to be, silently suffering and unhappy.

Now living in my complete truth, pushing forward and owing no explanation on my values and life is the default method.

DO IT, take that chance today

Every able bodied person can achieve their ultimate achievements. It requires a complete change in the way you think, what you allow in your personal space, and if you want to remove the negative so you can succeed at what your dreams are.

DIG into your soul and make sure what you are trying to do is aligning with your SPIRIT.

Living in a negative head space is going to keep you in the rut of not moving forward. Take the risk of being uncomfortable with the change! Think of the reward of succeeding and also celebrate all small victories along the way.

  • Negative Headspace: working a job, but KNEW there was no room for advancement. Stressful situations, poor management (my honest opinion); dreading to clock in just because I knew what the day was going to look, sound and feel like.

2020 was life changing. Transformation. Evolving.

  • Positive Empowered headspace: Full Time Entrepreneur of 2 businesses. Peace of Mind. Inspiring and guiding others. Abundant. Grateful. Motivational. HAPPY.

We are supposed to be living our BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES.

Start today.

If you are struggling to think for your BETTER GOOD. I want to help you change that. Your mindset is depending on you to do what is best and a positive mindset is mandatory!

Please request your request here.


Today is the day..

You keep saying you need change.

You’re frustrated because your life isn’t moving like you want it to.

You are ready for positive changes right? So why are you still in that negative head space?

It’s because you haven’t fully decided. You are still on the fence. You are scared. It’s an uncomfortable spot, I get it.

But your journey is Necessary. We are no longer withholding our changes to pacify and wait for others.

Today is the day! Let’s get started……

Positive Preserverance

Mindset Matters….

Removing the blocks of stress, havoc and frustration all can happen by just changing what you think about.

Life’s trials will happen. Your response is what counts.

Mindset over Everything…

Coach Kay Wds

Ready for your journey? Request your appointment at https://go.oncehub.com/InitiatingthePositive

Too much positivity?

I read about toxic positivity and I wondered, do you think that people can promote too much positive?

Toxic positivity is described as the unrealistic expectation that we need to be happy all the time.

I see the logic behind the thought. I personally do not feel you can. I will explain why.

We are not going to get away from the curveballs of life. However, I do not believe that a person can negatively be affected with “too much positive” being on a consistent growth path with the abundance of positive. As a person grows mentally, myself included, positive ways, routines and thoughts begin to overcome the restrictions of the negative thinking. The goal is for continual POSITIVE growth.

I can understand the thought process behind toxic positivity and its possible effects, but only from a standpoint of a person not putting in all of the work of growth as a whole. There are so many negative things on the world wide web, and its so easily accessible through an app to see it all day long. I personally feel that negative trends over positive; people tend to have the guilty pleasure of wanting to stay up to date on the latest gossip and trending negative subjects.

A person who is not willing to eliminate negative things that are holding their growth back is not mentally ready to make positive changes.

People love negative content and they have no shame in showing it.

Starting a journey for a mentally healthy plan for all success, you will be able to allow yourself to deal with the negative curveballs without allowing it to take you off of your game.

Regain your positive reinforcement to yourself by changing your own reality.

So I will say, NO….

I do NOT feel there is such thing as “Too much Positive”. I live, breathe and promote it each and every day.

The Journey is Necessary….

How much is Peace worth to you?

Photo by Ololade Moshood on Pexels.com

Most of the time our mind defaults to thinking, reacting and staying focused on negative things. Social media, toxic relationships, dead end jobs, etc., all can have an overwhelming restricted hold on us. It’s not ok to continue entertaining negative patterns in our lives, especially when we know we are looking for positive growth within.

Do you want true fulfilling Self happiness?

It is dire to put MORE effort in positive thinking and reinforcement. Your Mindset wants a peaceful journey. The goal is to elevate yourself for the long haul!

Continuously speaking and worrying on negative aspects, will keep those same aspects in your life. It’s not possible to create a positive mindset with constant negative energy around or within you. Get empowered to remove the hindering, restricted habits from your life.

Bring forth your true potential with beginning the TRUE journey to an unapologetic, empowered, positive Beauty!

It is ok to get help with making your dreams come true! Upgraded MindsetZ supportive coaching is the best accountability partner, motivator and true support system you will come across. Embrace your flaws to Evolve into your higher self!

Easy appointment set up available HERE- let me give you the key information to push you forward!

Coach Kay Wds

Manifestation….is Real…

The power of creating your own reality is real. Do you feel you can do it? Yes you can!

Our Journey is necessary.

We embrace good energy and dope vibes. Listen to the latest from Coach Kay Wds and her experience in lining up her positive!

Open up your mind.


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There are three sorts of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen. and those who wonder what happened.


My Sunday Mode…

Happy Valentine’s Day good people!

I will say it for the thousandth time…it is COLD! Ive taken advantage of the below freezing temperatures to catch up on some things.

Creating your purpose is so fun! At least it is for me. I am enjoying so much building my platform, recording my podcast, blogging, coaching, mentoring, Oh man I could go on and on!

I used to have the mindset that other people were the reason why I was not able to excel in anything that I let fall by the waist side. I was good at attempting to deflect why things were not going how I wanted them to.

I was letting everyone else tell me how to do ME. Living by what society said I am supposed to “live”.

If there is any reason why you think someone else is supposed to create YOUR reality? Besides they told you?

Become your biggest support system so you can attract the RIGHT support system for you. Your self motivation will be noticed and reciprocated to and from the right people just by putting yourself in the right environment. Get unstuck with the same way of making moves!

Check out my Recent Podcast where I talk more about pushing past the NaySayers and dead weight….click the link…

Hello, This is New Support, WHO DIS? Episode 4

Stay Positive, Stay Blessed!

Questions on beginning your journey ladies?

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From Negative to Positive

Do you know when you are either?

There are so many things that a person can display and not thing they carry negative habits. Not speaking about the physical habits today, but the Mental habits that we seem to have vigorously adopted and cant seem to let go.

My most recent podcast here for your view, Speaking on a lot of great points including my own transformation. This one was a little more personal for me as I talk about changes within….The Journey is Necessary!

Click the Link and Enjoy!


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