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Coach Kay Wds – Founder

Certified Positive Mindset Life Coach for Women.

Founder – UPgraded MindsetZ Supportive Coaching

Co-Founder – UPM Suites – An UPgraded Passie to be Mooie

I have conquered my own negative obstacles from many years of struggling with self identity, constant negative habits and questioning my mental well being. Enabling my direct thinking mindset and overcome things that were meant to destroy me.

This platform was created by a woman FOR women to aid in her shift from a negative mindset to a empowering positive change.

We want to see you WIN! Our purpose and passion is to to listen to your dreams, work with you on goals for change, guide, motivate and positively push you to success in every area!

Reach out to me on any platform and I would be more than happy to tell you more about our dope packages and support.

Upgraded MindsetZ supports true women empowerment through coaching services.

The Journey is Necessary to an upgraded mental being!

Its time for you to find “YOU”.

Lets Get different and DO different.

Feedback Welcome!

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