Empowering Personal Growth & Entrepreneur Success for Women

I'm Kisha, the founder of Upgraded MindsetZ LLC and I've been empowering lives and elevating minds since 2020.

Kisha Woods - Founder, Author, Coach, Podcaster, Entrepreneur

As a passionate Mindset and Business Coach, I help women align their personal and entrepreneurial purpose by replacing outdated thinking methods so they can ignite the most empowering version of themselves. My powerful reconditioning strategies uncover your full potential, give you clarity on what YOUR ideal life will look like, and put you in a position to manage your personal and/or entrepreneurial journey like a BOSS.

No one should have to handle the obstacles of personal transformation or the challenges starting a business on their own. 

I am here to help with it all. 

About Upgraded MindsetZ

  • We are a transformative platform offering administrative, coaching, consulting, and entrepreneurial supportive services.
  • We are an Accredited member of The Better Business Bureau of Central Illinois (BBB).
  • Member of The International Association of Professional Life Coaches. (IAPLC)
  • Member of The National Association Of Women Business Owners of Central IL (NAWBO)
  • Board Member for NAMI Tri County IL
  • Podcast Host of Empowering Real Talk
  • Co-Owner of UPM Suites 
  • Mentor and Advocate for all things GROWTH.

Having gone through different responsibilities of being a mom, friend, employee, family, etc, I understand the difficulties that come with managing those roles and also making personal wellbeing a priority.

I’ve faced these challenges myself and have gained valuable experience that has led to creating a recipe for success and growth for other women like me, allowing us to better manage various demands while also improving our overall quality of life.

I’m an Amazon Best Selling Author, of From Havoc To Healing: 30 Days of Reconditioning, an inspirational read for those struggling to their voice of confidence, and who are ready to break the habit of prioritizing everyone except themselves. 

Kisha Woods - Author of From Havoc To Healing: 30 Days of Reconditioning
"I just want to say how much I appreciate how freaking blunt you are with me. I can always count on you for insight, value and accountability and I am forever grateful to have found you."
G. Hendricks
Thank you Coach Kay for helping me overcome my uncertainties, also thank you for giving me back the opportunity to do what I love, which is capturing happy moments with my camera.
"I was at a stage in my life where I felt lost in the cycle of everyday living. My head was full of ideas & I needed help to declutter and reorganize. Kisha is one of the greatest secrets behind my wildly growing success. I've taken major steps to upgrade my life with encouraging support from coach Kay. I cannot praise her enough for helping me through one of the roughest times in my life as well as helping me to kick start my business and grow in all aspects of my life.

Partnering with me on your growth journey will be a powerful advantage, and will amplify your motivation in securing YOUR ideal life, personally and as an entrepreneur.

IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO ELEVATE, and with my award-winning support, expect to experience transformational shifts like never before as I show you what it takes to step into your higher being and successfully thrive.

If you are a woman ready to empower your purpose and renew your outlook on life…

then I'm looking to support YOU.

Kisha Woods - Founder of Upgraded MindsetZ
Coach Kay Wds is ready to empower your mind and elevate your life!

Empowering Real Talk initiates important conversations that encourage positive growth and development in individuals’ lives and also cover topics related to entrepreneurial and professional development. Through raw and candid conversations, the podcast uplifts and empowers those who listen, intending to inspire listeners to take action and succeed in their aspirations on all levels.

Upgraded MindsetZ is located at UPM Suites in West Peoria, Illinois.

Click here for more details on UPM. 

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