Elevate your Mind with Upgraded MindsetZ…

Elevate your Mind with Upgraded MindsetZ…

I’m Kisha, and I’m helping women eliminate mental blocks and gain clarity to elevate their personal and business development.

Upgraded MindsetZ helps women empower their mind for success with reconditioning strategies to amplify personal and entrepreneurial growth.

Our transformational tools help raise the bar on elevating the personal and business mindset.

We offer tools and resources necessary to become intentional and actionable, magnifying personal growth and amplifying entrepreneurial brands.

Coaching, consulting and mentoring services are available one on one and group settings, specializing in:

  • Confidence Building
  • Personal growth and development
  • Self Prioritization
  • Mindset Refinement
  • Clarity Classification
  • Entrepreneurial Start up Assistance

To make changes in life, there has to be intentional thinking, also called having a DIRECT MINDSET.

There are dozens who, by being open to our mindset transformative strategies, have become more intentional in increasing their action plans, boosting success in their personal and entrepreneurial journeys.

Kisha has been the greatest open secret behind my wildly growing success over the past year. I’ve taken major steps to upgrade my life with her encouragement and support.” 

Shakiera – Self Development Coach 

Thank you for working with me to overcome my fear of the unknown to help me get back to doing what I love.

Michelle M – Photographer

Thank you so much for believing in my vision and helping me bring it to the light.” 

Simone – Small Business Owner

Proudly possessing over 20 years of customer service experience, it is no secret that I’ve always love helping people. I stepped out on my own faith in 2020, making Upgraded MindsetZ a reality, and its been non stop elevating every since! Read my full bio here.

IAPLC badge
  • Certified Life Coach 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Certified
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certified
  • Mindfulness Certified
  • Mental Health Awareness Certified

After being let go from a corporate job in November 2020, your girl was faced with a decision. Find another job? Or step out in faith?

Here I am….my faith is strong!

I am now a full time entrepreneur with multiple businesses in coaching, consulting and an independent travel agent. Trusting my process, I’m blessed to be able to fully walk in my purpose of uplifting women to embody their confidence, helping them overcome fear of the unknown and walk in their own purpose of success.

I have always been supportive to others, only before I wasn’t doing that for MYSELF. My personal transformation now allows me to operate from a place of HEALING instead of HAVOC. I’m here to help us empower our self confidence, eliminate lack of prioritization, and gain the clarity to enable their most empowering selves!

Get out of default and become intentional in your growth journey with Upgraded MindsetZ.

The journey is necessary.

I know it is a hard task to open up, be vulnerable and get support.

A simple conversation with me can be the beginning of the elevation you have been waiting for.

Imagine looking back in 6 months and saying:

I’m so glad I had that conversation, look at me now! 

Start a conversation…

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