Upgraded MindsetZ Coaching and Administrative Services

Accepting a true support system and accountability partner for your mindset growth is a huge step to clarity. A woman may not always know how to ignite her empowered mind on her own due of limited beliefs in herself. It’s the way we’ve been programmed to believe and we are now ready to evolve! Let me become your Partner in Positivity for success and self growth.

Your New Mindset and Motivational Partner is HERE!

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  • Supportive Coaching Services for Women
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • True support, guidance and motivation
  • Hourly, Monthly Coaching Packages available
  • Local Administrative Services available
  • Self Improvement Online Courses
  • In person Consultation and Support
  • Group Coaching – Summer 2021
  • Motivational Planners/Empowerment Packs

Supportive Life Coaching

Become focused on your future goals with a super support and positive reinforcement. Working side by side with you to stay focused, guided and on track. We positively push reinforcement giving you triple the chances of success within!

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Administrative Services

Appointments available for:

  • Resume Writing
  • Printing
  • Business card design
  • Small business Consultation
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Membership for the Mindset

Online Course for Positive Change

Take initial steps with deep reflection of self. Log into your own personal portal and begin the journey to a positive platform. Course allows you to go at your pace but also reinforces your focus to completion.

If u are seriously broken….. like I mean u don’t know where to start….. life has just got to u and defeated you…… You N E E D…. NEED…. Upgraded MindsetZ… One day I was having a traumatic moment in my life….. the SECOND I let her know, she was putting in work!!!! She was on the phone with me…. talking to me… letting me do what I needed to get it out….. she was totally calm the whole time (while I was freaking out, screaming, going off, not understanding)… she let me get it then she calmed me down….. she spoke to me like a real FRIEND. The way she reacted to the situation let me know SHE WAS THE ONE FOR ME!!!!! I needed her and I didn’t even know I needed her…… My mind is SERIOUSLY changing and though I took the first step….. SHE IS FINISHING IT….. because of that…. I will be ok… I will get through this…. I will work on my mental workout.. She is giving me the tools I need to make sure my mind is TRULY being upgraded!!!! I can feel it and I have already seen how her tools are helping me!!!
Upgraded MindsetZ Client –

C – Client …

“To the best life coach and friend that I have met and gotten to know this year. Thank you.

G – Mentee…

You just dont know how much I appreciate you. Thank you for holding me accountable.

LB – Client…