Because Mindset is Everything…

Because Mindset is Everything…

Your mind is where it all begins, and plays a huge factor in how your life is lived.

Want to know how I have helped dozens of women gain clarity, become intentional and consistently elevate their entire being?

Simply by realigning and reconditioning how and what they think about.

Upgraded MindsetZ is breaking barriers by helping women get intentional with elevating themselves by empowering their mindset with transformational strategies for personal and entrepreneurial growth.

Meet Kisha – AKA Coach Kay Wds

Reflect with me for a moment.

Can you remember putting someone else’s needs ahead of yours, like ALL THE TIME?

Meaning you worry about others Well Being more than do yourself.

That used to be my everyday life.

I had everyone who relied on me, and I kept up with the obligation because my mind was programmed to believe it was what I was supposed to do. I Feeling that false sense of believing I would be ok as long as everyone else was.

I wasn’t.

My mind was restricted into believing I was last on the priority list.

This set major struggles with my own clarity, lacking the focus on myself because I was clouded with everyone else’s situations.

I was stuck.

Applying only the bare minimum for self, acting like that was ok. IT WASNT, and it was time to wholeheartedly admit it.

I wasn’t living according to ME…and THAT was holding me back.

At a time where I just didnt know about ME.
The Journey Begins…

To get something you have never had, you have to do something you never did.

Thomas Jefferson

It was time to break free from others obligations I had tried to control as reassurance, realign my mind and my get accountable for my own life…

My mental well being depended on me becoming accountable for myself. Time to accept there are scarifies to be made ,in the name of my journey of transformation.

Day ONE of my 30 days of transformation. Written April 1st, 2020

In order to make changes in your life, there has to be intentional thinking every single day. We also like to call it having a DIRECT MINDSET.

Understanding that realigning my mind was now a mandatory requirement allowed me to:

  • Become more mindful of my inner being.
  • Unapologetically open my mind to live in my truth and understand my own values.
  • Become intentional with my action plans of growth.
  • Apply logic in my decision making instead of letting the emotional side of thinking restrict my judgment.
Be Different. Be You.

Gaining clarity in my way of thinking, I am now coming back to help others achieve the same mindset clarity and transformational growth.….in the healing push forward type of way.

I’ve now become a full time entrepreneur with two businesses and want to hand out blueprints to women working towards personal and entrepreneurial growth. We help you on overcoming the negative overwhelms by cracking the code on the restricted thinking processes of life.

MY SIMPLE MOTTO: Believe you can, and you will. With our mindset and transformational growth methods, you’ll be getting set up for success on all levels.

Start today. It’s never too late to want change for yourself. You are fully capable of having the life you thought you couldn’t.

Mindset is what Matters…

Learn to break free from restricted assumptions that haven’t been allowing you to cook up your recipe for personal or business success with a confidant like Coach Kay Wds.

She specializes in mindset clarity, helping with transformational growth tactics to keep you focused on elevating your thinking methods.

“Thank you Coach Kay for helping me overcome my fear, helped me get out of my own way, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to do what I love again.

Michelle Mcfadden – Client

Get your action plan for personal and entrepreneurial journey with Upgraded MindsetZ.

Ready to chat? Let’s talk growth.

Upgraded MindsetZ Mindset Motivation Workshops hosted by Coach Kay Wds.

The Mind is depending on YOU.

Be Different. Do Different.

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  1. Love it.I was in a confusion with the direction I needed to take to break the negative barriers in order to choose me.Purpose is life.Life is a purpose.

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