Never think its too late…to elevate.

Never think its too late…to elevate.

Would you believe me if I told you that I can help you transform how you think about life and that you can live a life of clarity, intention, peace and prosperity?

All by the way you think.

Your Mind is where everything begins.

We are breaking barriers, getting intentional with our strengths and empowering our growth unapologetically.

Its never too late to do EVERYTHING you want to do in life. Period.

Upgraded MindsetZ is helping amazing women every day set themselves free from the self limitations of their mind, along with life’s twists and turns by giving them tools to gain clarity so they can build a breakthrough plan to elevate personal and entrepreneurial growth.

How many times can you remember putting someone else’s needs ahead of yours?

That used to be my everyday life.

Everyone relied on me, so I couldn’t show that I wasn’t the super woman they wanted me to be.

Doing this so much caused major times of struggle with clarity, lack of focus on myself.

I wasn’t growing due to the limitations I put on myself.

I wasn’t happy in my life. And it was time to admit it wholeheartedly.

To get something you have never had, you have to do something you never did.

Thomas Jefferson

It was time to break free from the obligations of other people I imprisoned myself with and create the reality I deserved…

I wasn’t living in my TRUTH…and THAT was holding me back.

It was time to become accountable for myself and start on the journey of transforming my mind to live for me!

Upgraded MindsetZ was born.

I began an reconditioning overhaul of my mind, body, soul and spirit! My inner being was ready to be released completely.

Embodying confidence on a higher vibrational level.

Listen…Your Mind is YOUR most powerful tool in life.

Finally understanding this allowed me to begin:

  • Being more mindful of my inner self.
  • Unapologetically open my mind to live my life, my way.
  • Becoming intentional with my actions.
  • Applying logic in my decisions instead of letting emotions restrict my judgment.

Everything you want out of life is achievable.

If you believe it, it will be.


Upgraded MindsetZ is empowering new life into women ready to live a life you thought wasn’t possible.

We are breaking away from assuming we have to endure mental frustration, stress and havoc in our life to be successful on a personal or business level, at ANY age.

“Thank you Coach Kay for helping me overcome my fear, helped me get out of my own way, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to do what I love again.

Michelle Mcfadden – Client

Clarity can be a simple conversation away.

Are you ready to focus on growth, set plans of action for your future and have the tools to achieve them?

Then Lets talk growth.

Be Different. Do Different.

Your mind is depending on YOU.

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  1. Love it.I was in a confusion with the direction I needed to take to break the negative barriers in order to choose me.Purpose is life.Life is a purpose.

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