Fostering Transformative Changes for Personal and Startup Entrepreneurial Growth and Success…

Upgraded MindsetZ is not just about coaching and consulting, we are your partners in growth. Our commitment is to provide you with strategic, mind-shifting resources to fuel your dreams and ensure long-lasting success as an individual AND business owner.

ANYBODY CAN START A BUSINESS, but do you have the MINDSET to GROW a business? Get this FREE guide and find out! 

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We have been helping people who may be stuck in limbo and uncertain about life’s path, make the reconditioning shift into becoming confident, purposeful, and dedicated in amplifying their life’s mission since 2020.  Our transformational tools help with:

  • Replacing outdated beliefs systems and values.
  • Aligning actions with our authentic selves.
  • Being supportive of others but NOT at the expense of themselves. 
  • Realigning self-sabotaging habits into self confident growth moves.
  • Shaking off the procrastinating thoughts.
  • Becoming self-sufficient, disciplined, and actionable. 
  • Step into their “Unapologetic Empowered Boss’ Era. 
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When it comes to the entrepreneur journey, we tailor our resources to your unique brand. Whether you’re a startup or scaling up, we’re here to strategize with you and help you grow! Our supportive platform is here to assist you with:

  • Purpose and Self-discovery.
  • Administrative business startup.
  • Actionable short and long-term strategies.
  • Time management and productivity. 
  • Elevating your strengths.
  • Minimizing your weaknesses.
  • Empowering the entire ecosystem of your brand.
We can help/provide you with:
  • LLC/EIN Startup
  • Google/Social Media Page Management
  • Accountability Check-ins
  • Resource Guides 
  • Social Media Tools
  • Strategic Management
  • Other tailor-made resources
Our branding services include:
  • Business Cards Design
  • Promotional Post Cards Design
  • Banners / Backdrops
  • Product labels
  • Posters
  • Content Graphics

Upgraded MindsetZ’s ultimate goal is to empower you, as YOU are the heart and soul of your brand. It’s not just about marketing or sales—it’s about the ENTIRE ecosystem as a business owner. Our focus isn’t quick fixes; it’s long-term impact. Our commitment to you is to be a motivational impact so you are confident in knowing you have the utmost support to effectively enable your entrepreneurial success! 


Upgraded MindsetZ is professional and has always helped me get the job done. I partnered with Kisha 2 years ago on a personal journey and shifted over to launch my business. She has been thorough in helping me get my online business up and running correctly. I've been recommending her to everyone I know interested in starting their business.
I was at a stage in my life where I felt lost in the cycle of everyday living. My head was full of ideas & I needed help to declutter and reorganize. Kisha is one of the greatest secrets behind my wildly growing success. I've taken major steps to upgrade my life with encouraging support from Coach Kay. I cannot praise her enough for helping me through one of the toughest times in my life as well as helping me to start my business and grow in all aspects of my life.
Coach Self - Self Development Coach
Self Love/Personal Development Coach
Coach Kay is a great coach because she is a reliable accountability partner, very professional, and has creative ideas for strategy, organization, time management, and brand building. Coach Kisha is immensely knowledgeable about relevant social media platforms and technology. My businesses and clientele have grown using her strategies since she has been my Business Coach.
Sherry Gordon-Harris
The Kings Daughter's Peoria and Etiquette Coach

My expertise blends education, certifications, and most importantly, real-life experience. My methods are solid and appreciated by those who recognize my impact.  I want to work with you and help you build a foundation that withstands storms and celebrates sunny days, as a individual and as a entrepreneur. 

Start the process of becoming the most empowering version of yourself with a complimentary chat today.

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