Social Media shut down?

Real life question…

Last week someone attempted to access my Facebook/IG account. The additional authentications locked my accounts from the unfamiliar log in attempt, initiating validation on my part. UGH!

This experience really got me to thinking.

What if Facebook just shut everything down?

Like wow, no more blue app.

Serious question folks.

According to http://www.statista.com, there are roughly 2.85 Billion Facebook accounts. Whether these accounts are all real is not my concern for this post.

If 2.85 billion accounts all of a sudden just disappeared, can you imagine the mayhem that’s going to come along with that?

Something to think about right?

Seeing content from friends, family, messages of encouragement from other coaches and mentors, and those who value my feedback is an amazing resource.

Its a joy getting messages from those who are inspired and am blessed with a platform created for positive empowerment and growth.

The dependency is where my concern lies.

If my account had been hacked, that means everything on that platform would just be lost.

Then what?

We have become dependent as hell on social media. You see everyday people complaining and fussing about changes, updates, restrictions and other peoples BUSINESS, yet falling short on their own shit.

We cant seem to get away from it. Its a drug of dependency.

Sadly, we don’t seem to want to get away from it either.

It is time to put in new policy. Break away from the dependency of the constant scroll, negative comments and bad energy!

Losing access to any social media account, whether business or personal, can be detrimental to personal or business brand.

With that being said, be sure you are keeping records OUTSIDE of the tech world. Also make sure to create alternative methods of entertainment. I enjoy my phone and laptop just as much as the next. But I’ll never forget the “Old School” method of protecting my personal content and platform.

PROTECT You and your Brand.

Empowering Real Talk is The Blog, The Podcast and YouTube channel. I’ve added another layer of security to all my accounts to protect my brand to the best of my ability.

If you use social media regularly, or any platforms for that matter, its highly recommended that you take action to protect your media, accounts and brand.

Take the time out to ensure security features are up to date.

As far as the dependency, that’s a whole different conversation. But I’m ready to have it…..stay tuned.


The Elevation

Another self awakening moment is on the rise.

I’m embracing the tide, only focused on elevating my enterprise.

A new breakthrough is approaching, creating another shift within.

This time, I’m no longer fearful simply taking it all in.

Speaking and living my truth 24 hours of the day.

No longer focused on those who nay say.

That old way of thinking is blocked and archived.

I have mentally set my mind up to thrive.

My journey continues, mission is still clear.

Black women, let’s continue working to replace that fear!

©️ Upgraded MindsetZ – All rights reserved


Things are just different.

No matter now much you want things to be the same.

Regardless on much you want things to work out.

Things are just different.

You don’t think about the same things as you used to. Your mind is always focused on continuing your growth and abundance.

You create new reality for yourself, new hobbies, new lifestyle and new meaning just to name a few!

You want to share your happiness with the world…especially those closest to you.

But the reality of it is….everyone is not going to be happy for you.

Even harsher reality…still gotta MOVE FORWARD.

A hard pill to swallow. But nonetheless it is a reality that you now need to fully embrace.

You just aren’t not the same person anymore.

Remember, you created transformation because you identified things about yourself that needed to be changed.

When you level up and take that big step of transformation, a very important step in that process is mentally preparing for what can get left behind.

Submit to the fact that your elevation will require shedding of bad habits, old ways and even negative people.


It’s more than waking up and claiming to be a “changed individual.”

Have you really changed or are you just suppressing emotions?

Before my mindset overhaul, I used to believe my mediocre attempt at change was cool, until all of my suppressed emotions came back and had a severe negative effect on my mental well being.

A lesson learned the hard way: You can’t keep the negative suppression and have positive outcomes.

Those who feel no need to change who they are within won’t and really cant understand your transformation; no matter how much you try and explain it to them.

Instead of being open about their lack of understanding, they show fake happiness, and negatively influence you with their energy and off vibes.

Things are just different….

It’s ok….elevation requires cleansing of the negative mind clutter and removal of toxic and negative energy.


Do not feel ashamed or scared to change the requirements of being in your space. When you know the work you have put in to adapt a better way of thinking for yourself, be unapologetic! Remove yourself from around anything or anyone claiming they can’t grow within.

Growth is mandatory…feel it, speak it and recieve it.

The Journey is Necessary.

Feel any of this resonating with you and want to chat more about it! Shoot me an email…


I don’t care…

I Can no longer worry about how you feel.

My journey is priority and that’s what’s real…

I’ve replaced negative emotions with positive ones right on time.

The Journey was necessary to recondition my mind.

Stop dealing with negative things and people.

It’s only holding you back from reaching your own potential.

You have to let it be,  you gotta let it go.

If you Continue to choose the negative things,  be ok with blocked opportunities and told NO.

Negative does NOT WIN….change is now baby!

Coach Kay Wds


As I get ready to celebrate another birthday, this one is so different and let me tell you why….

The growth that I have shown myself over these past twelve months is beyond words. From how I make decisions, inspiring others, creating solutions for women like me, to embrace positive changes is phenomenal.

Upgraded MindsetZ coaching is about to celebrate one year in existence!

I’ve created a new reality. Elevating myself was necessary as it has allowed me to reach back to encourage, uplift and motivate. I strive for other women who are stuck in restricted beliefs to reprogram their mindset so they can open up their own elevation and make empowering change!

We are capable of living the life we deserve, and unapologetically so! We owe no one an explanation when it comes to our mental level up! Skip the struggling within, we are speaking up and living our truth!

I am here to help women stop worrying about what others think. We are so consumed in others opinions of us that we literally HOLD OURSELF BACK. Use the fear you have inside as a ignition to become great, positive and empowered. The Journey is Necessary…

It’s a celebration for me all month long as I reflect on where I started, where I am now, and where I am headed!

Always be sure to embrace, enjoy, and celebrate your new journey. Never be too busy to smile, pat yourself on the back and acknowledge you are making YOU better. Through the setbacks, lessons, and experiences, the end goal will always be to elevate yourself.

It’s time for you to find YOU…. Kisha

From Negative to Positive

Do you know when you are either?

There are so many things that a person can display and not thing they carry negative habits. Not speaking about the physical habits today, but the Mental habits that we seem to have vigorously adopted and cant seem to let go.

My most recent podcast here for your view, Speaking on a lot of great points including my own transformation. This one was a little more personal for me as I talk about changes within….The Journey is Necessary!

Click the Link and Enjoy!


Podcast Pilot….

So, I did a thing. Stepping out of my own comfort zone and created, An Upgraded MindsetZ State of Clarity, Podcast Edition.

Thank Goodness the internet makes it so easy to create your voice!

I’m excited to launch this platform for myself, and to reach women who can relate to my journey and take advantage of the proven methods I offer to make transformational changes for self.


Hey sis, we being different and shifting the cause of, not just the bad habit.

Becoming a life coach has opened up a path that I did not see coming this time in 2020. Elevating my platform of women support and empowerment, I will be talking about the things that we dont want to talk about because it is going to hold us accountable for OUR actions.

Yep, that is EXACTLY what I do, my DUTY as Coach Kay Wds, to come to terms, make the shift and flourish to the next level for you and your WHY!

Please leave any feedback and any suggestions for FUTURE episodes.

Focus on your Greatness…

It has to start with you…

So 2021 has come in full swing. Even though it may not be the way we would have liked, it is still here.

What have you done in the first 17 days of this year?

Are you sticking to that resolution that you swore you would do this year?

How many of your goals have you worked on so far?

I can ask you twenty more questions about what have thought about for your upgraded changes, but I will ask more of the questions about the SHIFT itself.

If you have not taken any initiative, ask yourself why are you still in the same spot?

What will it take for you to implement true changes for yourself?

Are you afraid of what changes are actually going to happen?

The second set of questions are where your focus needs to be. We can make 200 goals but if we are not becoming all the way accountable in our mindset shift then all those goal setting thoughts are just that, no action will ever come behind your words if you don’t grasp that you will need an Upgraded Mindset to achieve your goals.

Take that step. Make that promise to yourself that this time you are going to get to the ROOT of the problem instead of just trying to cover it up to move forward. Until you make peace with the negative patterns and be mentally ready to cut off the bad energy, the cycle of staying where you are will come back. Over and Over.

The Journey is Necessary….Want more information on how to make a shift to positive?

I would love to guide you to your Positive Platform.

Coach Kay Wds – Initiate your Positive here!

Motivational Mindset Monday..

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Shifting from the corporate world, to total entrepreneurship is an experience like no other. I haven’t been writing as much but I’m back!

This time last year I never thought about being where I am now.

Reflecting back to last year, I wasn’t understanding why I seemed to be doing ok with life, but my mindset struggled every day to keep up and couldn’t be agreeable with the certain things and situations around me going on day to day…..what was my problem?

A quick nutshell will tell you.. Hurt. Pent up Anger. Resentment towards others for being negligent in their lives but depending on me for support. Following the “masses” when signs would tell me otherwise. I was always thinking about my negative actions and thoughts, but had never really thought about a way to CHANGE them….

Until now….

We can’t keep putting negative feedback in our heads and expect a positive return. We can live a successful, positive, self love filled life with ease!

When the time comes, and you are ready to truly create and manifest the greater good for self, you have to be ok to CLEAR whatever roadblocks come in your path….no matter what they may be….and there will definitely be some! There can be no regrets. Some roadblocks are expected, but most are unexpected, but nonetheless need abolishing.

Losing a corporate job of almost 7 years, that I honestly had been mentally detached from for months, became an answer that I really didn’t anticipate happening along the way. It has only been 2 weeks but when I tell you my mind has more peace in it than ever since beginning my self love journey…

That job was a HUGE roadblock for me. It was a paycheck yes but a severe hindrance on a positive mindset.

Beginning the transition to an unrestricted mindset brings up blocks within that you honestly had no idea bothered your mental until the moment you break down about it.

I had so much built up anger, resentment,  frustration, not from the job but just from everything, all while keeping a smile on my face. I look back and can remember times that I lashed out at someone for the smallest infraction, or days that I just couldn’t focus on one thing cause I was so overwhelmed with all the negative blocks restricted my moves.

Start realizing that living angry, frustrated and overwhelmed is NOT normal. I have put a program in place for women who feel like I used to..being upset about life,  stuck on what and where you want your life to go, or just mad at the world because we haven’t made any moves towards progression.

Membership for the Mindset 2021 is the Mindset Initiative to strive for an UPgraded Mindset. There is a peaceful, positive platform that you can step on to make the shift that you seek for clarity of your life. We will work specifically on removing the negative patterns and habits that is hindering your progression and bring about powerful moves on your Mental well being.

So we UPgrading MindsetZ over here, are you ready for your journey?

More to come on this “New workout for your Mental”!


My Self Reminder….

I am pretty certain that you all were not aware of my bouts with Anxiety. Speaking about another admission now that I used to suppress just to continue to portray myself as a “strong woman”. Always saying, No thank you, no help needed thank you. I always could or would handle it, no matter what. This way of thinking and acting created motions and actions that had the inside of my brain on so much overload it turned to angry, negative self hindering responsibility.

Wow, how many other women felt/feel this way? Having that overwhelming feeling that I better be indestructible and cant break under any pressure. My personal views now feel the word “strong” is an outdated word to describe the characteristics of woman. I have began receiving, acquiring and utilizing a little bit of a different vocabulary to describe me and my journey. Personable, responsible, decisive, passionate just to name a few.

Not going back there…

There are days that the “old way of thinking” attempt to make an appearance. Certain situations can seem to try and trigger shit, as I know everyone can experience. Even as I continue on shifting my mindset, anxiety would still try to take over “like a rearing lion”. Using that term to define how I would handle things once triggered. Being loud, negative, hurtful, sometimes even a little malice with words, I didn’t care how I got my point across. You were going to hear it, period. Those who know me knew that is just how I was. However looking back, it was not right. I shouldn’t of had to be that way and exactly what definitive reason did I have to be that way? Not the correct or logical way to handle small situations. I was deflecting….

Shit can and will happen. If it is not coming from me, I have no control over it outside of myself. As I continue to come into myself and my self awareness, I know that this was a huge struggle for me to comprehend to not try and resolve those other conflicts. Why did I still seem to try and make another’s persons circumstances my own? Cause at the end of the day, I was still attempting to try and take control of a situation that I don’t want or even need. Control overload averted….

I remember so many ways that I used to hide and disguise my emotions. The anger was the main sensation that tries to rear its head, take over and cause the havoc I grappled with in the past sometimes. I realize that these both co-existed together within, anxiety and anger are a powerful combination, especially when they collide in the heat of a particular moment! My homegirl had to re-school me on that aspect of things, I’m seriously grateful that she stepped in to remind me. She is right on point when pointing out these things within me and about me. I appreciate her so much and have to let her know. Thanks DJ 💛. 

Continual reflection….

It can sometimes be hard to hear what you already know within from an outside source, maybe even harder to make the self evaluation to accept it. We don’t want to believe that we are hindering ourselves when we still try and keep the old, restricted thinking patterns and habits. I work on me every single day, but I am human. People seem to think that when you are making changes for the better that you are not allowed to have a vulnerable moment, a moment that you may have been “off”. That way of thinking is just not logical.

If you know self improvement is necessary, get yourself to the stage of being able to embrace the very necessary changes that we know deep down need to happen.

Did I want to be uncomfortable as hell talking about the flaws that once restricted my growth? NO! Do I want to be fully accountable for those same flaws I have had and make the changes to be the best version of myself? YES!

Word of advice to self: Don’t try and deflect things just to give you an excuse to portray the negative behaviors. You know good and well you are trying to remove your outdated bad habits and restricted way of life. Begin the “Self” search to find/create other positive filled outlets that will allow you to grow confidently from life’s curveballs. Figure out other tools and resources within yourself for the self actualization that you honestly know you need. It makes the shift easier when there is a plan in place, and even easier to get back on track when you may hit a snag in the journey.

Keep striving for the shift you want in life.

Monday Reflection…..

Really happening yall…

I want to reflect a little bit today.

Reflecting this morning, I sit and think I didn’t always know which way I was going. Up until even last year, I would go through negative times and situations, and thought that living that way was normal, going day to day just dealing with it because my mind was programmed to believe I was supposed to.

Constantly being plagued with blocked thoughts and bad habits, as well as feeling obligated and disposable to others bad patterns too. Putting myself off constantly, not even having time to figure out myself mentally, spiritually, and emotionally caused a serious crack within.

That “crack” was the modification that my mind subconsciously was telling me was needed. The underlying rainbow and ray of light I needed to make my SHIFT. My Self Love Journey was no longer an option to begin if I wanted to continue to live.

Shift, Focus, TAKE OFF!

The next chapter of #LifeCoachKayWds is currently in process. A weekend meeting has opened up a door and opportunity that I honestly did not anticipate or even see coming. I have not even been able to sleep right because of the sheer excitement!

I am a living witness and testament to say: THAT MINDSET SHIFT is required to change the game. No exception to the rules.

Your dreams can happen. You can achieve each and every goal, accomplishment, or task that you desire. I am doing just that.

Having released negative thoughts I once had and pushed onto others, it cleared the road to take the path set forth for me unapologetically.

Self assurance, a positive support system, and the continued shift to a self love filled, abundant life are keys that will keep me on the trail to my true destiny.

FULL SPEED AHEAD! Stay tuned for the Continuation of my Journey.


I believe….just not like you do….

I know it is ok to have a different understanding of life.

I have embraced my yearning to live by my own rules.

I will give no explanation as to why I am willing to “sacrifice the toxic surroundings” for my Peace.

I know that it is OK for seek guidance embarking on my trek to my higher self.

I do not hesitate to immediately dismiss anything that interrupts my peace.


Make the sacrifice for an UPgraded Mindset. The Journey is Necessary….

How do you see YOU…

A Reflectional review of SELF…..

What are one (or more) things you are grateful for YOU, at this particular moment as you are reading this?

If you were having a job interview and they asked about 3-5 qualities you think you possess on a personal, maybe even intimate level, what would they be?

I am curious with regards to these questions because I’ve read where that it is seems to be easier to see the beauty in others, before we even see it in ourselves. Even though I have always acknowledged my self gratefulness in some shape or form, I will have to somewhat agree. One thing that own my Self Love journey showed me I wasn’t praising ME enough! I know that often times we will applaud as well as give total acclamation to someone else, mostly even before we even think about applying it to Self. We are quick and open to compliment and praise others, all the while selling ourselves completely short! It is time to change that…

Think about the last time you reflected on YOU….

What were you thinking about?

Was it Positive or Negative Thoughts?

Why were you feeling that way at that particular time of self reflection?

These type of questions should be key in finding and creating SELF. I personally suggest trying to implement some form of self reflection each and every day. Whether it is 5 minutes or 60 minutes, Self care should always be a priority. Unavoidable times will show that there can be some of those moments that may possess negative and unclear meaning. However, the journey is necessary to create a positively enforced end goal each and every time for yourself.

Remember that your own SELF is Priority over everything else.

Always & Forever Grateful….

You never know who is truly in the “fight” with you until it is time to “fight”.….

Following up from my last entry….I wanted to speak on those who have been such a blessing to me. Grateful for those to be around for this shift and transition of me becoming the best Life Coach, Mentor, Provider, Entrepreneur, etc….that I am capable of being.

This is not just a hobby for me. It never has been. This is a Purpose. My Passion to be that same person described above but on a much larger scale. I will not stop until that goal is completely achieved. Great start to things, but nowhere near completion.

I will always, and now with my heightened platform, will continue to, provide feedback, listen and evaluate, offer support services, allow follow up resources, etc. The list can go on and on…and I won’t skip a beat, it is my Mission.

One of the biggest realizations that I had to acknowledge in my Shift is that I cannot do it alone. I had ALWAYS been a person who hated asking anyone else for ANYTHING. If I couldn’t get it myself, then my Restricted, Negative way of thinking would just tell me, it wasn’t meant cause I didn’t need anybody and I wasn’t going to ask….


Every Successful person that I have talked to, witnessed and been mentored by, have achieved their accomplishments having a Support system.  Where the “Support” is implemented can vary from person to person along the way. As I continue along my own Journey, I realize more and more how receiving support from those who truly want to see me win is an added key to my ultimate success.

I want to truly thank those who have been in my corner since I began this new chapter in my Self Love Journey. Those who gave knowledge and guidance to me, straight up with no chaser. Those who give me the REAL feedback, not just what they think I want to hear. The ones who push me to be uncomfortable, and that tell me to stop half assing my Purpose. My support team who loves me unconditionally but still able to set that love aside to give honest feedback when its needed. For always making sure I know they are there for me. I know for a fact that I would not be where I am at this moment, nor would I even have been trying to even get anywhere without them.

I thank you. I Love you. My team is the BOMB. Those that are still by my side, THANK you again. This road is far from over and I know that you are right here beside me, even through the bumps, potholes, and all. I know the ones who are definitely rooting for me and the success I claim in life.

I have come to terms with knowing and fully understanding that there are “seasons” for people in your life. When that new season comes, a decision to leave someone in the previous one does NOT mean the love is lost. It does not mean that you don’t wish them anything else but the best. It just means that you know the hard choice for YOU have to be made to continue to grow and prosper.

I speak on a positive note with everything that I do. I Know that life is not always a positive situation, it is now how I choose to handle it is where my positive mental being creates that vibe automatically.

There are some who have asked me why I don’t do the same as I used to do. Those that wonder why I don’t entertain and deal with the same shit I used to. I even had someone tell me I think I’m better than everyone else now. AFTER I chuckled a little bit, I told them…I AM BETTER….but better for ME and my Purpose. If those don’t understand why I made the shift I made and that I have a agenda to pursue and a legacy to create, then I guess your season with me is over as well…..best wishes to you….

My Journey is clear. My Support knows my Mission. Full speed ahead….💯

One Decision..

There was a time not that long ago would have seen or heard this message, and wouldn’t of even given it a second glance or thought.

However, crazy and unsure times had put so many different perspectives on my brain.

This right here is something everyone really needs to “let sink in”. We cannot keep thinking that things are just going to change without putting forth any effort for the changes we seek for our better selves.

You want great self change? Craving better choices with a certain situation? Are are seeking to get off of the “negative train” when it comes to making choices in your life?

One decision……MAKE IT HAPPEN!  You are the only thing in your way. Get your stuff in order, your MINDSET is depending on YOU….

Whatever path you are on, it is never too late to shift it for positive evolving. Do not think that you are not able to modify your life for the better NOW at this present moment. Even after reading this….

Get in touch with your TRUE SELF. That reflection should want you to be better for yourself.  Make the decision to mentally Upgrade for self improvement and true changes.

Your Journey is Necessary,  I will say it everyday until it is understood. Mine was, and always will be……

Continual Pursuit of Clarity…

The end goal should always be peace and about claiming success and happiness.

Seeking overall clarity should be at least one of the main priority focuses at this point in peoples lives.

Figure out exactly what it is that you want out of life. Sooner than later.

Get clear about what you seek. Make your self uncomfortable trying to figure it out. Quit restricting yourself from living your truth because of being worried about another person’s perspective about YOU.

I am about to take another step into my self love journey. I am actually pretty excited and happily emotional about it. I am going deeper than I thought I could. I am ready for my next level of purpose.

Doors and opportunities have truly been opening up to me over these past few months. I’m claiming my abundant lessons and total opening of my mental doors. I used to be the person who didn’t really tell or display to anyone what was going on with me good or bad because I didn’t want to explain why and reasons why I did the things that I did. If I told something, I would go into a 15 minute dissertation speech LOL trying to get people to understand why I was saying and doing the things that I was. I wanted them to agree with me no matter what.

I am now completely unapologetic with making my life decisions. I don’t owe anyone ANYTHING. I now share my own self love and complete positive shifted journey because I will continue to connect with my clients on levels far beyond basic, reach out more and co exist with fellow coaches and continuing to live in my truth on all levels.

I will be beginning a 7 week Pathway course that is really about to test the depth of my mind, body and spirit. This journey is much more deeper mentally and even spiritually. I never thought I would be at a level that I am, in seeking my true inner being and searching for my complete meaning as a whole. My journey so far has been so insightful, meaningful, fun, scary and life changing to describe a few. There is so much more. I know it. The clarity I intend to possess when I complete this next step in my own self love journey is going to allow me to heighten my connection with my current clients, expanding my platform, as well as my future potential partners in Accountability, All this is destined to be majorly beneficial for all involved. I am eager to seek, learn, listen, embrace, and empower myself more than ever!

This new journey of mine will begin September 23rd. I am prepared for this next destination.

Why think that way…….

Typing this up, I had just finished up creating some tools and resources that are currently in the creative stages for a soon to come educational platform (SN: YES BE EXCITED, I am! Follow this blog for real time updates!)

Question: How many of us wake up each morning dreading the day ahead? Are you already frustrated about how another day has arrived and there is still conflicted thinking, limited belief and negative behavior already going on in your mind? Did you take those negative thoughts to bed with you the night before? Ughhhh another day, you are so over it right?

Yep, I used to be to. Waking up pissed about another day that I just had to get out of the bed sometimes. Wanting to sleep for another good 45 mins, LOL. Dreading what the day ahead was even going to bring me…..

That Mindset shift tho……..

Smiling is a MUST each and every day that I now open my eyes, No matter WHAT is going on in the outside world. **

****A Little tidbit about me below****

BTW: I didn’t use to tell anyone, anything about me, at ALL.

When I wake up each day, I strive for immediate Gratitude when I awake. Doing this with the tools I use for an Upgraded Mindset, my thoughts are already set and know to focus on that FIRST positive thought each and every morning, setting myself up for a Positive and Clutter Free focused Day!

Did you know:

85% of the things that we worry about don’t even HAPPEN.

30% of the things that we fear are PAST concerns that we think may repeat.

90% are issues that honestly are insignificant things that don’t really affect an action we want to take.

We always have the power to create our WHY. We have the tenacity to be great, IF WE WANT IT.

Simply put here for the sake of this blog post, Creating and adapting with a Toxic Mindset will create Toxic EVERYTHING! Period…….

We know that a mind in motion Stays in Motion! When you become your negative thoughts, you can become a victim of your own negative trap.

Break free of the negative thinking pattern, unless you are good with continuing to live a restricted mindset.

The Journey is Necessary…….

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Hard Conversation

Everybody is not meant to go on your journey with you.

We love our family. Friends. Boyfriends, Husbands. Wives. Children.

Again, Everybody is not meant to go on your journey with you.

I have had “the conversation” with my family, my friends, my circle, and those who are important to me.

Long story short, the entrepreneurial plans to them for my choices. One time “informational reflection” to them how I now think, act and conduct my affairs different. There is a level of clarity I have sought and that where I continue to pursue. I have ensured them how far this mindset will go to protect my peace, which can and will result in cutting anyone off who has other malice, negative bearing intentions.

My purpose is for my clarity, life and total success for me. Period.

It has never been our responsibility to make others understand what it is we want out of our lives. Gone are the days of explanation, as we do not owe anyone an explanation no matter how someone may try and manipulate our mind to believe that we do. You are your priority.

When you are seeking an UPgraded Mindset, that will even mean that you will have to move forward without those who are not ready for their own journey. Those who don’t want it, JUST DON’T WANT IT at the same time you do. There does not have to be any love lost, there does not have to be any conflict. Negative clouds will stall a Positive advancement EACH and every time. Don’t think that you will be different, you won’t…

Your “conversation” has to happen when you are ready to make real changes in your life . Either you are supportive for my shift for the positive or you are not. The conversation is not to ask for approval. It is a courtesy to let them know that there is about to be a major Mindset Shift over here for the better. Let them know your changes are here and what boundaries are about to be set with you Mentally.

Simply put, If those boundaries are broken, violated, ignored….. it is time to move forward, without those who are not respectingthe boundaries you have laid out. Achieving a reconditioned, positive mindset is not something that you can achieve still allowing negative people, places or things to be still sitting on the front burner of your “mental stove”.

LOVE Them, but LEAVE them with best wishes and no love lost.. Keep your peace at ALL costs!

This journey and conversation is necessary.

A Lil’ Reflection…

Sitting here at home today, I sit here and reflect on how “settled” I am at this moment. I have come a long damn way…LOL. I mean, A LONG WAY! I think back on when my breaking point was. Listen, that period was a different type of experience.

An exhausted, burned out, debilitated breaking point type of experience. It had become critical for me to begin the shift of my mind and actions. My clarity depended on it……

Once my shift began, Putting this to “paper” was another uncomfortable shift for me, but I had to realize my focus for inspiring and motivating also included telling my story and embracing the writing world as well.

As a woman, a woman who has endured, seen, listened and encountered a lot of situations some of us women deal with or have dealt with on a Mental Mindset level, relating to different encounters, mistakes, not so good judgement decisions, we encounter and deal with, and can ALSO relate to the negative mechanisms some women commonly concede to go with as a response to negative situations.     

 I used to be one who didn’t share any negative, hell ANY of my personal stuff to those outside of my close circle, simply because I just didn’t want to. Even those close to me didn’t know  100% of things that went on in this overacting Gemini mind.     

 It really feels good to utilize writing to open up about myself honestly.  Some feel conscience stricken to always have to be fully capable and “on top of their shit” without missing a beat. Some have been taught and shown to believe that we should just keep problems and struggles to ourselves in this society and just let your mental fall to the waist side, even when you are not at your best because of it! It is time to change the narrative when it comes to our Mental Mindset.

Simple beginning: Creating a positive mindset should have you wanting to create a positive space in your head. Building a peaceful Mindset that is created to give you a sense of calming, clarity and positive feels, if only for that one moment in the beginning. Then ask yourself, why would you not want to feel that way all the time? 

I will say it every time. Your journey is necessary.

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