A Lil’ Reflection…

Sitting here at home today, I sit here and reflect on how “settled” I am at this moment. I have come a long damn way…LOL. I mean, A LONG WAY! I think back on when my breaking point was. Listen, that period was a different type of experience.

An exhausted, burned out, debilitated breaking point type of experience. It had become critical for me to begin the shift of my mind and actions. My clarity depended on it……

Once my shift began, Putting this to “paper” was another uncomfortable shift for me, but I had to realize my focus for inspiring and motivating also included telling my story and embracing the writing world as well.

As a woman, a woman who has endured, seen, listened and encountered a lot of situations some of us women deal with or have dealt with on a Mental Mindset level, relating to different encounters, mistakes, not so good judgement decisions, we encounter and deal with, and can ALSO relate to the negative mechanisms some women commonly concede to go with as a response to negative situations.     

 I used to be one who didn’t share any negative, hell ANY of my personal stuff to those outside of my close circle, simply because I just didn’t want to. Even those close to me didn’t know  100% of things that went on in this overacting Gemini mind.     

 It really feels good to utilize writing to open up about myself honestly.  Some feel conscience stricken to always have to be fully capable and “on top of their shit” without missing a beat. Some have been taught and shown to believe that we should just keep problems and struggles to ourselves in this society and just let your mental fall to the waist side, even when you are not at your best because of it! It is time to change the narrative when it comes to our Mental Mindset.

Simple beginning: Creating a positive mindset should have you wanting to create a positive space in your head. Building a peaceful Mindset that is created to give you a sense of calming, clarity and positive feels, if only for that one moment in the beginning. Then ask yourself, why would you not want to feel that way all the time? 

I will say it every time. Your journey is necessary.

You are working SIS…..

My reflections today put a big cheesy kid smile on my face! Now don’t get me wrong, I smile everyday as I know I am blessed, however this smile is a little bigger today.

This week so far has been pretty constant and busy for me, In a GREAT WAY!  Having several separate sessions with a few of my clients who have all given me awesome news with regards to things going on in their lives! Great things are happening for them, as they are opening up their mind and embracing the blessings that they are manifesting! They are UPGRADING their Mindset!!! Putting themselves and their goal oriented mental ahead of the negative thoughts that have restricted them before working with me! They are embracing the fact that Positive thoughts create positive living!

We often allow the word of others,  fear of change and a host of other negative thoughts to prevent us from accomplishing the things we want out of life. I myself had those thoughts before beginning my own journey, but I have overcome them and embraced the world as a motivational Coach for my fellow Women. We tend to wonder and worry about what others are going to say about out thoughts and ideas. Even when you have acquired goals and achievements and want to be happy for yourself,  you may still wonder about others opinion about YOU. STOP THAT! Your dreams are YOUR DREAMS. Your goals are YOUR Goals. GET THEM! ACHIEVE THEM! My clients are all now getting to the point where they are making THEMSELVES priority and it is showing! They are getting their Confidence and Mindset to the positive point where nothing or no one will be able to deter them. They are acquiring the strength and drive to get and STAY FOCUSED. Their dedication to their-selves is more driven since beginning their journey with me, they speak positivity into their lives and now understand that everything great that they want to happen in their lives will because of THEM….they have accepted Accountability for things they may not have before, realizing that closure in certain situations and circumstances are not required to move forward with a positive mental mindset. They are now achieving the Clarity and Mental Peace and Prosperity that they may not have even gotten without some assistance and guidance from having their Motivational partner, advisor, and Coach by their side.

I love what I do. I am still on my own journey.  I will always have a journey. My journey will always be POSITIVE! My mindset is so positively STRONG. My focus is even stronger.  I believe in myself. My clients believe in me. My desire is magnified. My vision is clear. I have long ago stopped worrying about what others thought negatively and have put the focus on assisting those who want the tools for an UPgraded Mental Being.  This is just the beginning!

A huge shout out to my Clients! I am proud of each one of you. You are here, You are positive,  you are focused and your work is starting to pay off!! It is only up from here……and with the Upgraded Mindset you are getting, nobody can and will be able to stop you! Much love to you beautiful ladies….let’s keep working!!

Back in the swing of things…..

Over the weekend I did something that I have not done since Pre-Covid…….TRAVEL….LOL…

I didn’t go to far, I live about 2 to 3 hours from Chicago so hey why not!! I absolutely LOVE driving on the highway it is so therapeutic for me! I had my cousin with me as we were going to help my niece celebrate her 30th birthday! She had a small get together at the hotel we stayed at for the weekend.

I literally have NOT left my city since January of 2020. I am normally a person who makes a point to get out and travel at least once a month, whether by car or plane. This trip was needed and once I got to my destination I realized that it was NECESSARY! My mental felt relieved, like there was so much anticipation just because I had not been anywhere in months. I didn’t realize how happy I was to be somewhere other than HOME.

Are you living your life and doing things the way you did Pre-Covid? Meaning, are you able and willing to do the things that you were doing before this madness came? I will be honest I was NOT. This short trip just boosted my mental to realize that the way things are right now are not going to let up anytime soon. Sitting back and waiting on things to go back to January 2020 for me is just not being realistic and that it is TIME for me to get back to doing the simple things I love to do…..just with more CAUTION.

With that being said, this short trip was exactly what I needed to get back focused on ME. What I WANT, what I NEED, what I DESIRE, ETC…The minor infractions that I felt was stopping me from moving around and traveling now have to be overcome. I’m not anticipating any large crowds for me any time soon, but this trip showed me that I MISS DOING TRAVEL THINGS and am in the process of planning my next trip….😆

Time to get back to the new normal……and I am truly OK with that….the time away relaxing, change of scenery was sooooo needed!

Your “Time”……..

Respect it.

This has been a pretty hectic week! Now, I grind everyday of the week, but Saturday and Sunday are my “chill days”. These are extra Regroup, Reflection, and Redirection if necessary. I’m an empty nester now, so Coaching is my Baby, cause I love it which makes it easy for me!

There is nothing wrong with taking time for yourself. That is your overall purpose and goal! I’m speaking more so from a place of….NOT being HAPPY where you are at in life overall.

Before my journey began, I was all about chaotic behavior. Saturdays and Sundays were my free days to just do whatever, no work, just “play”! Yes, there is someone saying “there is nothing wrong with that”. I didn’t think so either… coming and going as I wanted, however reflecting back, was just miserable! Yes, I was hanging out with my friends, being social, and “enjoying life”….or so I thought. Something was missing. It had to be done

I was complacent. I was just doing the minimum to live. I didn’t realize how unhappy I was with how things were going for me. There were so many things that just weren’t going right, even though I still kept smiling on the outside. I had mentally told myself that this was what it was. I had accepted it, I had let my mind tell me, “You cant do this”, “it will take too long for this too happen”, “you don’t have the time to do it”.

TIME!! Why the hell don’t you have time?? You have time to hang out with your friends. You have time to sit around and mope about what you want. You have time to spend 2-3 hours a day maybe even more on social media scrolling. Seeing that same shit, that has NOTHING to do with you growing as a person. Sis, you have the TIME. Start putting it towards it true purpose……to Upgrade your Mental and UPGRADE your way of life.

Realize that….

We have to understand that until we get ourselves completely in tune MENTALLY, You will remain STUCK. You will remain complacent. You will keep asking why things are not going the way you feel they need to go. You will feel like everyone else is against you, but truthfully YOU are reason things have not changed for YOU. You are the reason that you are not getting ahead like you feel you should be. YOU are the reason that your life is moving slower than a turtle.

You have no one to blame for your complacency BUT YOU! I know how hard it is to come out to distract a routine. If there is ANY self doubt, displeasure, frustration, or situational depressive behavior going on with you, NOW is the time to take action!

I’m all about Accountability. I had to swallow that pill myself, and that was honestly the thing that made things begin to turn around for me. Once I accepted that I am the reason for being STUCK in my ways, I had no other choice BUT TO GET UP AND GET IT! It was either that, or never speak on my goals and dreams again because I was giving up and didn’t want to achieve nor WORK for them, I just wanted them to fall in my lap.

The Journey, whichever journey you may be on or wanted to head to, is NECESSARY! Let no one or nothing tell you that you don’t deserve any and everything you are willing to work to obtain!

I’m Different……😎

Think different…. Act different….Live different….Spend different…Buy different. Support different…. BE DIFFERENT PERIOD😎 How you ask?

It doesn’t have to be hard to obtain as well as maintain YOU..this is the time, step out your comfort zone and do what it takes to UNglue your mindset from the normal, and take your life in an Upgraded direction! We live in a world where I have seen people make LIFE changing DECISIONS based on what someone ELSE’S thoughts and opinions. Where are the original thinkers?? This as well as many other reasons are exactly why I created this platform of UPgraded MindsetZ, focusing more on my Coaching and Mentoring for my beautiful women who don’t know how to get themselves UNSTUCK. I want to see people winning and seek to give a woman the tools she may not necessarily KNOW she is missing because she is COMPLACENT and the same as everyone else…Now is the time in our lives to level up and show a different and rising approach as well as an Upgraded Mental well being…. you ready for the workout it will take for an UPgraded Mindset??? The journey is Necessary…💪🏾💯


This message touched my soul….. Someone posted this on Facebook today and this message is a whole vibe! THIS! is what I envision for women as a whole. I dream of the day when us women become so confident and strong minded WITHIN ourselves as well as FOR ourselves. My goal in Coaching is to share and convey to each and every one of my past, present and future clients that a confident, upgraded mindset is attainable and sustainable for the long term. Women have put our own emotions on the back burner and made hold their own issues to themselves, being complacent with our own lives because it didn’t fit someone ELSE’S. I was guilty of that for many years…..helping people because I loved doing it, but losing my self in the process. NOW I AM PRIORITY. Once I began the necessary work to get my MINDSET in order, everything else began to get so easier. No stressing over simple, trivial, quickly to forget situations. I’m now able to stay completely focused on what it is I want and what I’ve manifested into my life thus far! I have launched a platform to allow women to be able to open up and be guided to live in their complete truth. I think different. I Act different. I WORK different.

I AM DIFFERENT. I have created an UPGRADED way of thinking for myself, which in turn is upgrading my way of life…..I’m only just beginning…..this journey is necessary and so is yours!


How many of us take the time away from EVERYTHING? I used to be the one who thought that I could just “stay plugged in” and just keep absorbing the everyday hustle and bustle of social media, having somewhat empty conversations, and watching meaningless videos for the sake of staying “in the know”. It wasn’t until I actually started distancing myself away from it that I noticed how much it had overtaken my day to day thoughts. That was probably one of my hardest struggles when beginning my journey. Your mind gets cluttered with all the junk we see on all social media platforms for starters. Sure you can say it doesn’t bother you, but I personally feel that people are not being honest and upfront by NOT acknowledging that it has some type of influence. Whether you are commenting on a topic with your very detailed opinion,  or sharing some very disturbing images, videos ,etc. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a HEALTHY debate, meaning I enjoy having a dialogue that all parties can walk away “unscathed”. I’m referring to the senseless, bullying, fights, crazy politics,  etc. Whether we want to believe either or not has some type of negative affect on our thoughts. If only for a moment. 

I have learned to put my phone away, we ALL need a moment to ourselves,  no ringing, no messages, no notifications. I understand our lives are busy, I definitely can relate with feeling like there are not enough hours in the day. However even with the  added clients, my blogging, etc….I STILL TAKE TIME FOR ME. My phone is  “Do Not Disturb” at some point every day.  Whether for a 15 minute meditation, or just to reflect on my daily blessings. I definitely understand that although I can’t cut the craziness of the world wide web, I CAN control what and how much of something I will even watch or read. I have gotten myself disciplined enough to know when to CUT IT OFF. I will do just that. It is very important to SELF REFLECT. I Make it a point to do so everyday….EVERYDAY….

Turn the phones off folks. Take it back to the “old days” of grabbing a book, newspaper, or just sitting on your couch thinking about and creating a master plan for the next stages in your life. Write things down! Make a personal commitment to reflect every day without the notifications and watch how you start to see things clearer, whatever it may be.

A Positive Reinforcement Guide!

Thank you for following UPgraded MindsetZ!

What is it that I offer here?

The simple answer I say is: A personal trainer for the MIND.

  • Focused on helping women embrace their true potential, freeing their mind negative mind clutter. We work on reprogramming restricted emotions into unapologetic confidence and freedom.
  • Clear the mindset of toxic defaults, negative mental clutter and replace with direct actions to keep you elevating .
  • Recondition hindering and self-sabotaging behavior.
  • Create peaceful and positive environments by putting policy in place.
  • Calmness to the mind, becoming disciplined

We partner up to create change in your restricted thought pattern with guidance tools, specific client resources, personal tips, and all kinds of positive reinforcement.

The Reality is that there are some women completely STUCK in their own mind. We restrict our own growth by stalling any changes. WE feel we have to be complacent because of situations of the past, even though we have dreams of elevation and positive growth.

Some are looking for a open path, but struggle to take action on their own.

Not necessarily because they don’t want to, although there are some but those just aren’t ready for their journey,  I’m referring to the ones that they just don’t know how to.

We’re normalizing reaching out for supportive services on any level. There are more of us than we care to admit truly unable to figure life out without accountability, positive guidance and just genuine support. Acquiring a life coach can put so much clarity to what we actually want out of work, relationships, or just life in general!

Positive thoughts create Positive Actions! The Journey is Necessary…commit to yourself as well as your mindset that you want to live in Peace. Create and embrace your Journey. One thing is for certain, the MIND is where it all begins…..

How about a Free quick Chat? Have more questions?


From Blah to Blessed….

Blessings are all I am putting into my life……

Today was a little bit “offish” for me. Although I woke up on my regular routine, there was just something off about the energy. I know that I have gotten pretty great with shaking off ANY type of obstructive energy, Certain small “aggy” type things were occurring. Like I couldn’t find my keys for work, my coffee wasn’t on point, a few other things here and there at work. It was just overall not one of my best days.

As I write this, I reflect just how far I have really come mentally. These types of days before my journey would have had me ready to lash out for literally nothing. Quick to jump to a conclusion without even listening to the other side or person. I have reconditioned my mind to react in a completely upgraded way. I still have many reasons to smile. I have gotten my mind to the point where it automatically goes into “POSITIVE thinking mode” and begins to remember the reasons I am abundantly blessed with more on the way. If you would have asked me 2 years ago if this was the path I was on in my life I would have told you no. I would have not seen it in my vision to begin this branch of my journey. 

I sit here and smile. I have to say I LOVE where my mindset is today. There was work put in to get it here. The boundaries I have set with everything. The shift of focus to ME. The sense of fulfillment that I am now doing what I have pretty much done all my life but now on an entrepreneurial level. This journey of mine has allowed me to give guidance, listen, vent, and motivate on a scale I thought I could or would not achieve. Amazing things happen when you completely open your mind to and FOR Change in YOU!  I see my transformation, those around me see my transformation. That is the definition of a JOURNEY. I am not done. I have a newfound sense of life and the platform I have created to get those to upgrade their mindset like myself is just the beginning of the bigger Vision. When you TRULY let go of the negative and poisonous traits and thoughts, the feeling of peace just rests on your shoulder, it knows it is where it is supposed to be. Stay positive people. Stay blessed. 

Claiming all of it…

So let me just talk a little bit about the power of MANIFESTATION. I have always been a firm believer in a person creating the life that they want. No exceptions. Yes, there are distractions, there are hurdles, there are things that sometimes DELIBERATELY interfere to take you off of the path that you seek. I came to the conclusion that we cannot control the mind and actions of others. What we CAN and WILL control is HOW we handle those distractions. Real life happens, but don’t let “real life” consume you to the point where you are not focusing on SELF. 

As an overthinking Gemini, I sometimes have ALOT of thoughts that come into my mind on a daily, hourly, sometimes even by the minute. That still is somewhat true to this day, but it is the CONTEXT of those thoughts that I have changed. Why am I thinking about the negative behavior of things going on beyond my control or the actions of someone else when I can be focusing on the positive things I want and desire out of life?

So, I was going back looking through one of my journals as I do from time to time, I came across a goal sheet I had written out some months back. On that paper, my Life coaching practice was a goal that I set up for 5 years from now. 5 YEARS! I had other goals that at that time I wrote it, that I wanted to accomplish before finalizing that full time coaching target. LET ME TELL YOU!  I kept seeing little signs here and there as well as my MIND constantly guiding me, whether the signs were direct or indirect, they were hitting me like crazy. So, I shifted my focus, I listened and YES!!! I implemented the practices I use for a calming soul, began speaking my focus into existence. CONSISTENTLY. I continued to follow my path and understood that no matter what is in the way or whatever MINOR delay can or may cause, NOTHING was stopping me from achieving my intent, my purpose. Once it was clear that this path was where I was headed, the BLESSINGS began immediately. I have become a Certified Life Coach, acquired new amazing clientele, I have been able to now guide, uplift and motivate people on a full time scale.  You cannot tell me the power of manifestation is not real! When you want something bad enough, you do what is necessary to obtain it, follow the path being laid out to you, and knowing that it is completely OK to allow someone to partner up with you on a mental level to help give you CLARITY! Simple logic to me now but it wasn’t always that way. 

I want to give people the tools needed to complete themselves. I have been blessed beyond measure with a gift of helping others with their mental awareness and creating a partnership with them to help enhance clarity of what it is they desire for their lives. I have never had anything that has been clearer to me. I created this journey into my existence. I manifested my goals into reality to be an Advisor to help people Upgrade their Mindset. The most satisfying feeling is when your client tells you, “ I couldn’t have done this without you” or “ You have helped me stop self-limiting myself” are so thankful. Seeing them change the way they take control of their lives for the long term and continue to use the tools you gave them COMPLETES ME. I will continue to aid and assist in UPGRADING those who want their mental reconditioned for a better, stress free LIFE!  The journey is necessary……. 

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