Grateful for the positive mindset I’ve reconditioned mentally, making  life altering changes needed to better my life.

Grateful for the clients, those I mentor, and volunteer for because without them, I would have never realized the depth of my purpose within.

Grateful for the unconditional support system in my life now, and understanding that YES I need a support team, but they are like minded and I am so thankful to have that!💪🏾👑❣

Grateful that I have manifested my way of empowering on my OWN terms.

Grateful for Peace, Love, Support, and opportunity….


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Quit Worrying….

My thoughts…

What are you “stressing about” as you read this? Anything at all?

I know there may be something. You may even consider it small but let me say, if its disturbing your smooth flow of a day, then its a bother.

Quick Stats

  • 85% of the things that people worry about never happen!
  • 30% of the things we fear are PAST issues.
  • 90%, yes 90%, of what we tend to worry about are insignificant.

Making uncomfortable changes in life will more than likely prompt worry within, and that is totally understandable. However, when you allow those “worries” to hinder moving forward then there causes the “havoc” in the Mind, there lies the problem.

Going to that job interview? Learning a new skill? We endure these “adjustments” sometimes even without hesitation because we know in our mind that these situations are almost mandatory to live.

Why can we NOT do the same with our mindset? WE can, when we make the shift required for an UPgraded Mindset. Creating peace within should be a normal occurrence each day.

Remember that even when we have taken 2 steps forward and forced to take 1 back, Progress has still been made!!

The Mindset is the Epicenter of everything within ourselves. Be ok with being uncomfortable with life’s adjustments, especially when you are in your LEVEL UP. Get it in tune with SELF to reduce the stress and worry plaguing your every day situations. The journey is Necessary….

Stats: U of Cincinnati


Good morning!

I was this person, when good things would happen to me , I was skeptical of being happy around others because they weren’t happy about themselves!

Be Unapologetic in all of your happiness! You deserve it just as much as the person next to you.

Embrace your everything! Become such a force within yourself that your light has no other choice but to keep shining! Nothing should dim your dreams.

Have a great week!

Now what?

This is where I come in and ask? Now what?

The “election” has happened. People are upset, happy, angry, relieved, etc. Whatever emotion you may be feeling about it, are you letting it stop your life? Has your vision left? Are you no longer looking to improve SELF now?

I didn’t think you were. I understand that decisions were made that people feel are detrimental to society (depends on which side you are on). Life has to push on! We still have to take care of our families. The same bills are still due. As far as I see, I still have the same responsibilities I had last week.

I say that to say, it is ok to feel how you feel about life and all that goes on in it, however you still have to make things happen. The world is still shifting, life doesn’t stop and neither should you! We must continue to be the best version of ourselves. Make sure you remember that always.

Keep working on You…..FOR YOU.

These Past 6 Months…

I never would have thought.

UPgraded MindsetZ became an official business in April 2020. What I have desired for so long is now an official Title. I’m Happy, but there is still so much in store!

I am continuously focused and shifted into my own Journey, and let me just say……..the way things are coming into alignment for me is something that is an unexplainable feeling.

My own necessary Mindset journey gave me the push I needed, created my own platform to claim myself some amazing Self Love, as well as amazing opportunities coming into creation!

  • I have allowed myself to be vulnerable and open up more outside of myself.
  • Accepted Coaching for me, allowing me to completely open the gates for my own creative and coaching services. Coaching is the best thing that has happened to this Mindset, and turning right back around and pouring my teachings and guidance right back to those who seek the tools as I did.
  • UPgraded MindsetZ is in the makings of some pretty amazing projects!

This time last year, I never would have listened to anyone who said I would even be remotely close to where I am at this very moment with the services and support being provided on the UPgraded MindsetZ platform. From being an ear or shoulder to lean on, to having hour long one on one coaching sessions, each and every one of them seeking to achieve an unrestricted level of living positively.

When a shift occurs in your life, speaking on a Positive one, don’t hold back when those shifts begin to change things for you as well as around you. I fought that battle for one or more reasons and looking back, I did myself such a disservice restricting myself and my capabilities.

I’m changing that. This platform is for women who what to change their negative as well. We do not have to live with a restricted, negative Mindset.

Stay TUNED…..

And so it is, and so it shall be…….

Keep Going…..

I know that I have been talking ALOT about being positive and changing your Mindset to reflect it. However I KNOW that we are all human and that there can be slip ups.

Everyone has a bad day. Everyone goes through unforseen situations. When I speak about positive and the way my mind now operates, its the choice I make HOW I handle life’s hard balls.

Gone are the days of me dragging negative minded situations out. Finished are the days of me “elaborating” heavily and on and on about how something has affected me and my situations in a negative light. I am over the days of reacting as well as done reciprocating to a situation in a negative manner.

Sometimes silence is the best thing when you are dealing with others and their negative attributes. I learned to pick my battles at the start so that way I already know what I will and will not even address.

Even on my bad days, guess what? It will still be a good day. You know why? My plans are still in motion, my focus and purpose for good is still here strongly, front and center.

A small hurdle, distraction, or negative feedback should NEVER stop the Purpose you have from the beginning! Expect that those bad shifts can and may happen, and that will and should make it just that much easier to handle them positively and KEEP GOING!

One Decision..

There was a time not that long ago would have seen or heard this message, and wouldn’t of even given it a second glance or thought.

However, crazy and unsure times had put so many different perspectives on my brain.

This right here is something everyone really needs to “let sink in”. We cannot keep thinking that things are just going to change without putting forth any effort for the changes we seek for our better selves.

You want great self change? Craving better choices with a certain situation? Are are seeking to get off of the “negative train” when it comes to making choices in your life?

One decision……MAKE IT HAPPEN!  You are the only thing in your way. Get your stuff in order, your MINDSET is depending on YOU….

Whatever path you are on, it is never too late to shift it for positive evolving. Do not think that you are not able to modify your life for the better NOW at this present moment. Even after reading this….

Get in touch with your TRUE SELF. That reflection should want you to be better for yourself.  Make the decision to mentally Upgrade for self improvement and true changes.

Your Journey is Necessary,  I will say it everyday until it is understood. Mine was, and always will be……

Delete the bad thoughts…

When will you be ready?

How many more things have to go wrong in the things in your life?

How many times does that toxic relationship come back again and again with the same results from the last 15 times?

How many more times are your going to keep asking yourself “why is this happening to me now “?

As many times that you keep thinking that you can live abundant and blessed with those Negative Mental blocks…..That MIND has to shift….the Mental Mindset has to be in a positive space. Anything you think about, attempt to achieve, want to accomplish, or even goal setting,, will NOT happen the way you want with a negative Mindset…..IT IS NOT POSSIBLE folks…

The Journey is Necessary…..

Don’t apologize…

Don’t apologize for wanting to live for you….

Don’t apologize for those that you have to leave behind mentally….

Don’t apologize for understanding that in order to level up to where you want to be, that hard changes and adjustments have to happen….

Don’t apologize for wanting complete clarity in your life, even if that involves reviewing your beliefs and changing them….

Don’t apologize for setting your boundaries for other people.

Don’t apologize for implementing the shift in your mindset.

Don’t apologize for wanting to be a overall better person…

Don’t apologize for understanding that you may need guidance to embrace the positive life and balance you want to achieve.

Dont apologize for your UPgraded Mindset…..start your journey, start living freely, start creating your positive mental being….

Don’t apologize……

Why think that way…….

Typing this up, I had just finished up creating some tools and resources that are currently in the creative stages for a soon to come educational platform (SN: YES BE EXCITED, I am! Follow this blog for real time updates!)

Question: How many of us wake up each morning dreading the day ahead? Are you already frustrated about how another day has arrived and there is still conflicted thinking, limited belief and negative behavior already going on in your mind? Did you take those negative thoughts to bed with you the night before? Ughhhh another day, you are so over it right?

Yep, I used to be to. Waking up pissed about another day that I just had to get out of the bed sometimes. Wanting to sleep for another good 45 mins, LOL. Dreading what the day ahead was even going to bring me…..

That Mindset shift tho……..

Smiling is a MUST each and every day that I now open my eyes, No matter WHAT is going on in the outside world. **

****A Little tidbit about me below****

BTW: I didn’t use to tell anyone, anything about me, at ALL.

When I wake up each day, I strive for immediate Gratitude when I awake. Doing this with the tools I use for an Upgraded Mindset, my thoughts are already set and know to focus on that FIRST positive thought each and every morning, setting myself up for a Positive and Clutter Free focused Day!

Did you know:

85% of the things that we worry about don’t even HAPPEN.

30% of the things that we fear are PAST concerns that we think may repeat.

90% are issues that honestly are insignificant things that don’t really affect an action we want to take.

We always have the power to create our WHY. We have the tenacity to be great, IF WE WANT IT.

Simply put here for the sake of this blog post, Creating and adapting with a Toxic Mindset will create Toxic EVERYTHING! Period…….

We know that a mind in motion Stays in Motion! When you become your negative thoughts, you can become a victim of your own negative trap.

Break free of the negative thinking pattern, unless you are good with continuing to live a restricted mindset.

The Journey is Necessary…….

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