See the Good….

There is too much constant conversation about the unfixable things of our past. So much where I feel its hindering our growth to move forward. As a person with a history of suffering in silence, toxic overwhelm and mental struggle, I once felt the need to stay comfortable in those conversations because I didn’t want… Read More See the Good….


Peace begins within. We must break from the uncomfortable to release the chains of our own negative emotions. Self evaluation requires accountability in order to start the inner improvement process. Understanding the past can’t be changed. You shouldn’t want it to because those same setbacks have created the elevated individual today. Face fear head on… Read More Comfortable…


Things are just different. No matter now much you want things to be the same. Regardless on much you want things to work out. Things are just different. You don’t think about the same things as you used to. Your mind is always focused on continuing your growth and abundance. You create new reality for… Read More Realizing….


As I get ready to celebrate another birthday, this one is so different and let me tell you why…. The growth that I have shown myself over these past twelve months is beyond words. From how I make decisions, inspiring others, creating solutions for women like me, to embrace positive changes is phenomenal. Upgraded MindsetZ… Read More Elevation….